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13 Best LinkedIn Marketing Tips for More Visibility

LinkedIn marketing is very popular now a time. Are you looking to get your LinkedIn content noticed by the people you want to reach? Are you looking for ways to promote your business on LinkedIn?

This post will show you ways to expand your presence on LinkedIn to make connections with more prospects and customers.

How to Increase Organic Reach for Your LinkedIn Company Page

It’s the ideal place to start if you’re trying to connect with the people you want to reach through LinkedIn and your business’s page. 

From posting more engaging content to testing out videos, you can increase your reach naturally by following these guidelines.

#1: Use Popular LinkedIn Hashtags

LinkedIn marketing has had an ongoing, on-and-off connection to hashtags, and it isn’t always simple to determine the appropriate time and location to utilize hashtags in your posts.

In recent times, LinkedIn recommends using hashtags on LinkedIn posts and suggests suitable hashtags.

In general, hashtags function similarly on LinkedIn as they do on social networking platforms. They inform the forum of the contents of your article and can help improve results from search engines by placing your content on the feeds of relevant users.

What exactly happens? LinkedIn lets users follow hashtags by looking for the hashtag or clicking it, and then clicking the “follow button. If you’ve been following the hashtag, you’ll view relevant content in your news feed.

The inclusion of hashtags in your content increases the likelihood of your content getting featured in feeds even if they do not follow your brand at the moment.

For example, this post includes a variety of relevant hashtags that are neatly laid out at the lower part of the text to avoid interrupting the flow of the text.

For hashtags to be included in LinkedIn pages for businesses, create your post and manually enter hashtags.

It is also possible to click on suggested hashtags to add them instantly, and LinkedIn provides generic and specific hashtags to guarantee maximum impact. You can also place them at the end of an article.

#2: Collaborate With a Thought Leader

Collaborations can boost brand visibility and reach across all online marketing channels, including LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn allows you to connect with individuals and businesses through the ability of corporate pages to identify both kinds of profiles.

Engaging in a productive collaboration on LinkedIn is like creating an influencer marketing strategy for your business.

Start by finding thought-leaders in your industry and establishing connections effortlessly. Find out what type of content you would like to produce, From receiving feedback to creating videos to organizing an event.

#3: Publish a LinkedIn Article

Posts are among the most popular material for corporate pages to make on LinkedIn. But, they’re not the only kind of text-based content that your company can produce.

In September 2021, LinkedIn introduced the content feature for corporate pages, letting companies create long-form content.

What’s the advantage of writing an article rather than a blog post? Reports may be longer than blog posts as well as LinkedIn is a company-specific platform that limits postings on pages in length to 700 words.

In addition, messages can contain more than 100,000 characters. This allows your company plenty of opportunities to build share-worthy leadership to boost your company’s visibility.

The content of the articles can be considered blog posts in LinkedIn’s long-form version. It is easy to publish them on LinkedIn and will show up in the platform’s search results.

But, they also appear in other search engines, like Google and Yahoo, which can increase your site’s visibility beyond LinkedIn.

To publish an article, go to the page of your website and click “Write an Article. You can write completely original content but don’t have to start from an empty slate.

Blog posts can be distributed through LinkedIn posts, which will give you more publicity for your content and increase your profile while doing so.

#4: Live-Stream With LinkedIn Live

While articles and posts can draw plenty of interest on LinkedIn, video content tends to be more effective. 

The effectiveness of native video is higher. Videos can create conversations with users of your business pages, making it great to boost your visibility.

There’s no reason for you to confine your focus to pre-recorded video-only. LinkedIn Live, the live streaming tool integrated into the platform, is known for its impressive engagement metrics.

LinkedIn Live videos have seven times more responses and 24 times fewer comments than native videos.

Since engagement probabilities are an essential indicator of the LinkedIn algorithm, it’s evident that holding an event in the LinkedIn live event is a great way to increase the exposure of your company’s page.

This post, for instance, describes an upcoming LinkedIn Live event by Ebony Beckwith, who is the host of the #BossTalks program of the company. 

The center includes the host of the event and the guest’s profile on LinkedIn to increase the reach of the event.

If you are interested, LinkedIn users can select the Attend button and will receive an email once the event starts.

#5: Ask Colleagues to Share Content

Do your employees and team members have active followers on LinkedIn? Invite them to engage through posts, videos, or articles on your business page that can increase your visibility.

If they like or comment on your content, their followers are more likely to visit your company’s website.

For greater exposure, ask your friends to share your company information. It’s unnecessary to keep mailing out emails, and personal requests since LinkedIn makes it easier to do so.

Check out any updates for your company that you want to highlight, and then click the link that reads Notify Employees. Be sure to notify all employees connected to your account.

Every person will receive a LinkedIn alert as soon as you decide to recommend posts significant to your employees numerous times.

Keep track of the effects of your suggestions. For a record of the results of your requests, visit the analytics page of your company and then check the analytics of the employee.

The analytics will display the number of people who have responded to the suggestions you made. It is also possible to sort them by name or age to determine who contributes the most to your success.

How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Expand Your Brand’s Organic Reach

A business page can be an effective method to gain exposure if you’re hoping to grow your business.

What happens if your profile has a large following or you’ve established yourself as an authoritative person? Your LinkedIn profile gives you the chance to improve your account’s popularity.

#6: Leverage Thought Leadership via Your Profile

Have you built up a large LinkedIn following and established yourself as an authority through LinkedIn? 

Your influence can be leveraged to boost your business’s reach and increase the amount of traffic that goes to your company profile.

If you want to give your business an edge, make LinkedIn posts to promote your business. Sharing your company’s videos and bars or other content with links to blog posts from various websites and sources is feasible.

Tag your company’s carrier with your company’s name to expand its reach. However, it’s not always necessary.

For instance, this article is about two of Brian Dean’s companies: Backlink and Exploding Topics. It’s not an unplanned article. Instead, it provides an engaging story and valuable suggestions for readers to follow to increase their business.

The post has been received with hundreds of comments and numerous comments. 

This is a signal for those who use the LinkedIn algorithms that they need to show more similar content from Dean and his firms or that is related to the subjects the author covers. Dean is also working on expanding his reach.

#7: Start a LinkedIn Newsletter

From the start, LinkedIn newsletters have been exclusively available through invitations until recently.

From the start, LinkedIn newsletters have been exclusively available through invitations until recently. Then, in November 2021, LinkedIn launched newsletters available to all its users and the ability to let anyone create one. 

LinkedIn newsletters look similar to articles and appear under the Articles section of your activities feed. However, there’s a distinct difference. Newsletters allow sign-ups and notify subscribers each time you release the latest issue.

Suppose you’re worried about the absence of exposure for your feed and would like to develop newsletters that incorporate notifications. In that case, LinkedIn is the ideal option to increase the visibility of your Newsletter.

LinkedIn lets you invite subscribers to your newsletters by email, and this provides you with another chance to connect with your intended readers. For instance, this month’s newsletter written by Louise Brogan outlines the most effective ways to win clients through LinkedIn.

Brogan’s Newsletter helps her learn more about LinkedIn and offers subtle promotional messages about her company. Readers can comment, respond to the article, or even share it on your news feeds.

For creating the Newsletter, you want to generate a switch on the creator mode in your individual account’s dashboard.

Once you have that done, click on”Write Article” and choose Newsletter from the options available. (Note that this feature is still being developed and may not be accessible to all users. )

#8: Ask Followers to Tag Colleagues

Newsletters can undoubtedly increase your reach and increase your credibility. But, if you’re looking to create short-form content or offer an existing link, creating a blog post is the best choice.

What can you do to ensure that as many people as you can view your content? Alongside using hashtags to boost visibility, make an appeal to action (CTA) that encourages people to participate.

For instance, you can invite your followers to leave comments or share them through their feeds.

How to Boost Reach With LinkedIn Ads

If you’re hoping to boost your reach or get more results, don’t solely rely on organic methods to achieve this goal. LinkedIn marketing ads will allow you to reach out to many people you would like to connect with more quickly.

#9: Turn on Audience Expansion

One of the most important aspects of LinkedIn advertising is a well-targeted and robust audience.

However, establishing an audience compatible with your buyer’s profile or making campaigns that target potential buyers could not reach the target audience you’d like to go to.

To connect with people who are similar to your ideal customer:

  1. Make use of LinkedIn’s Audience Expansion tool.
  2. Turn on the Audience Expansion option when you create your audience.
  3. Consider excluding specific characteristics to limit who can see ads from your business.

#10: Leverage Matched Audiences

This tool enables you to focus your LinkedIn advertising on your target audience by using data from your company.

For instance, you can use contact targeting to contact the people in your contact list or with the CRM software Management (CRM) application.

In addition, you can use website retargeting to connect with people visiting your website or complete specific actions on your site.

#11: Advertise on the LinkedIn Audience Network

What is the reason to limit your campaign’s ads to LinkedIn on its own? Additionally, it allows advertising on the LinkedIn LinkedIn Audience Network, which will expand the impact of the message up to 25 percent.

You can activate this feature when you’re setting up the locations for your campaign.

To have more control over where your ads appear on your partners’ websites and applications, you can filter out categories that aren’t relevant to your business.

You can also create an available blocklist to prevent your advertisement from being shown on particular websites or apps.

#12: Experiment With Concise Ad Copy

Before you write your advertising copy, you should collaborate with your team members to cut messages to the possible amount.

Although the maximum length of text in each area is 100 words in length, LinkedIn recommends keeping ad contents as short as possible.

Make sure to limit the length of your headlines to 70 characters and your intro text to 150 characters to ensure that you don’t cut off.

The more succinct and engaging your headline is, the more likely it is to attract more attention, thereby increasing its impact.

#13: Run A/B Tests on LinkedIn

Create an A/B split-test and examine the results to ensure you’re conducting successful ads. 

LinkedIn Ads is an excellent platform to test, and the LinkedIn Ads platform doesn’t have automated options for testing A/B. However, it is possible to set up an experiment on your own.

Would you be able to create a brand new campaign that you could duplicate? Modify a single element within the original movement like the headline, creative or specifically targeted.

Then, you can run both campaigns and assess their impact. LinkedIn recommends testing for two weeks before determining the winner and allocating the budget to the most effective campaign.

Get More Advice on LinkedIn Marketing

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  • Share three types of videos on LinkedIn.
  • Use LinkedIn messages to deliver texts, videos and even voice-messages.


From posts and articles which are organic or news releases LinkedIn Live to sponsored content, LinkedIn is a professional network that offers many ways of increasing the visibility of your business and making new connections.

If you’re looking to grow your company’s presence and profile, create a profile, or both methods listed above will allow you to reach more significant audiences.

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