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3 Facebook Add Types You Probably Aren’t Using

Facebook add help to grow business. Even though you can see that Creative Hub is riddled with excellent examples of large companies creating cool things on Facebook, (followers on facebook) It can be challenging to imagine, for instance, a plumber or accountant or a startup with three people making Canvas ads.

This doesn’t mean that you have to remain glued to the same static image (but in the end, if you find it compelling, don’t quit it. Extend it).

Several different ad formats can help kick-start your Facebook advertising strategy, but they don’t require you to head to the store and purchase an imitation of Jon Hamm using the MacBook Pro.

Here is the list of three Facebook advertising types you haven’t yet (but must start rolling out across your account immediately). )…

Underutilized Facebook Add Type #1: Offer Ads

to bargain-hungry shoppers, a good old traditional promotional discount can be the ideal incentive to get someone to buy.

Then, why not make it more appealing with a Facebook advertisement for a promotion?

Facebook add types that are not widely used

Offer ads are among the best methods to grab people’s attention on Facebook and encourage them to take action.

They give you many choices regarding the format and scope of the campaign you’re pitching and be a perfect addition to your existing promotion-focused marketing campaigns.

If you sell your products, online customers will receive notifications on their devices and apps to remind them of your offer.

But physical stores are most likely to profit from the offered ads.

If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, customers who pass through your door pull out their smartphones and take advantage of the real-time deal that’s been offered via Facebook.

They will also receive an email about the deal, and the best part is that when they’re near your location, Facebook will remind them that the offer will end shortly: think of another type of ad with this many points of contact!

It is surprising, however, that nobody seems to be using these gadgets.

Make them aware, my friends.

A reason that advertising offers may not be as widely distributed as they ought to be is the option to make the ads only show up on the Ads Manager account if you choose specific goals for your campaign (more on that later) or increase an offer through the Facebook Business Page. Let me pretend I didn’t say that last piece of advice; making ads outside Ads Manager is a fool’s task.

Offer ads are modular elements that can be trimmed or added in any way you think appropriate. The title (which is supposed to, you know, convey to potential buyers the value of the deal you’re providing) could be as long as 50 characters, and the specifics–the textual heft of the ad–will be limited to 250 characters.

It is also crucial to remember that you must set the date of your ad campaigns. According to Facebook, the ideal time for your campaign is seven days. This provides enough time for it to be seen and shared. It should also be, more importantly, repeated to remind people of it.

As I stated, in-store coupons can be purchased online (using the offer’s URL) or both. You can also include catch-all promo codes that allow for more efficient tracking.

Facebook offers promo code creation.

The last two essential points to know about Facebook add advertising on offer are that you can control the number of submissions and the possibility of promoting promotional codes straight from the offer ad. While you may be tempted to go with the exclusive flow, I’d advise setting the bar very high. In the end, if you’re working with defined and active Facebook fans, they’re likely to have friends who are also interested in your offering. That’s right…

The best method to convince people to take advantage of the deals you offer on a plate will be to create large offers; Facebook suggests pushing free or at least a percent off items. Color me shocked.

A few caveats on advertisements for offers

Facebook offers ads, and as flexible and effective as they might be, they do have some niggles. (buy followers on facebook)  They can only be utilized when you select the Traffic, Conversion, or Store Visits goals (fail to choose one, and the option that allows the offer ads will not appear within the Ad Set interface).

Before you enable an offer ad, make sure you’ve doubled or triple-checked everything: once activated, they cannot be altered or deleted.

Underutilized Facebook Add Type #2: Video Ads

According to Facebook, the average person spends five times more time looking at videos than they do static content on Facebook or Instagram. This could be partly due to the data showing that over 100 million hours of content are watched via (just) Facebook every day.

Carousels and images are powerful tools to build brand awareness, lead generation, brand building, and sales. However, nothing grabs the attention of people scrolling around like video.

This is not anything secret.

Facebook video ads get lots of engagement.

What is the reason, then, that there do so many SMBs remaining with their traditional business models?

In the case of Facebook video ads, the hurdle to entry isn’t as intimidating as you believe.

This statement applies to all videos. You can take a look at Drift. If you’re a marketer, you’ve likely seen them in their videos in the last few months (on the days of product launches, they’re unmissable when you’re on LinkedIn).

Except for a handful created by their in-house video team, these videos are awe-inspiring. The majority of them are shot on mobile phones. There’s minimal production. They’re working. They’re still making their way through.

Applying this DIY method to your company’s advertisements on Facebook is possible. That’s right! Engaging customers don’t require a director, a green screen, or an investment of $10,000.

And pair them with the exact audience you’re effectively serving ads to via Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network.

Check out what happens (you aren’t going to get disappointed).

How to create a stunning Facebook video advertisement

Although your videos do not require celebrity appearances or zombie dragons that melt ice to make a difference, There are some of the best practices to be followed if you wish to get as maximum value as much as is possible.

Example of a Facebook video ad

Facebook suggests that your videos include:

  • In less than 15 seconds length
  • Shot vertically (for maximum mobile performance)
  • Include your name or the product you’re selling from the beginning
  • They are intended to be experienced with no sound

What is this last part refer to?

Many people who use Facebook videos do so via their mobile phones or when they perform thirty other tasks on their computer. In either scenario, they’re not watching. That means that when your value proposition is being spoken, many of your potential customers (viewers that you’re paying for) will not be able to hear the message.

To ensure that your message will be delivered To ensure that your message is read, add the text in the videos (using some of the mentioned tools).

Use images that make sense even in silence, as well as take to the fullest extent possible from the ads message (90 characters) and headline (25 characters) as well as the link’s description (30 characters) fields.

Underutilized Facebook Add Type #3: Messenger Ads

Not to be forgotten, We also offer Facebook Messenger ads.

Let’s talk about numbers in a flash…

Messenger makes use of the fact that most of us aren’t interested in taking the phone. The majority of us prefer talking by using our thumbs and fingers.

And I’m not the only person to endorse the benefits of Facebook Messenger. There’s a person called Larry, whom you may know, who is so convinced of the value of Facebook Messenger that he set up an enterprise to help businesses benefit from its potential through chatbots built within the framework. While chatbots on Facebook can take more than a million different actions, this article will discuss advertising.

Messenger ads on Facebook can be as straightforward or as complex as you want and are available in two distinct flavors Click to Messenger and sponsored messages. Both are not widely used.

Facebook messenger add varieties illustrated.

The Click to Messenger ads is precise as they sound. They appear as regular advertisements (on Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram) with a unique CTA that clicks opens to the Messenger conversation.

Facebook add: click on Messenger

After choosing “Messages” as your campaign goal and selecting “Click to Messenger” at the Ad Set level, you’re required to design your audience, budget the location, and schedule like you would for any other Facebook advertising.

On the ad level, However, there is an “Ad Setup” interface that has an additional button (below the regular menu) with the name “Edit Messenger Setup.”

The reason for this in a moment, however, is that if you skip over this aspect, the prospects who click the advertisement’s CTA will automatically be redirected to Messenger and given an automatic response. This is not the method to get the most value from an ad that is not being used.

Sponsored message ads are sent to those who already have a Messenger conversation with your company (duh).

By default, sponsored message ads are sent out to anyone who has a conversation with your company. If you’d prefer to reach the most targeted segment of your chatty friends, You can select “show advanced options” to launch the standard user interface for creating audiences.

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