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DRIPS AND DROPS! 8 Possible Reasons Why Your Roof Leaks.

Roof leaks are a major problem. It’s raining hard. You’re inside your house you notice that there’s a wet floor area in the bedroom.

Nothing spilled, so you’re wondering where the water comes from. Later on, you notice water constantly dropping. You look up, and finally discover that the ceiling through the roof is leaking.    

Roof leaks bring huge inconveniences that start from little, seemingly harmless roof problems. They should be immediately paid attention to, so you can prevent further headaches and wallet aches that they might lead to  

But before you take necessary measures and roof repairs, it is a must to know what the main problem is and where it is coming from. 

To help you detect the root cause of unwanted roof issues, below is a list of 8 possible reasons why your roof leaks. Read and understand them, so you know where to troubleshoot.   



Generally and most obviously, holes are major causes of roof leaks. They are the surest passageway for water and for any other liquid and debris from outside. As openings, holes may seem tiny sometimes, but they lead to large nuisance.

When you detect holes from your roof, immediately have them covered. Do necessary roof repairs to whatever has caused those holes.   

2-Broken Shingles

Broken Shingles

Shingles are significant parts of the roof as they serve as guards and shields to it. If these shingles get broken and removed, rainwater that falls on the roof will enter the house.

Roof leaks happen without well-working shingles! The same thing occurs when they are misinstalled or are constructed with mediocre materials, that cause them to break easily! 

Natural elements can cripple shingles too. Strong winds may detach them from roofs. Heavy rain may cause them to crack. Tree branches and other sharp or heavy materials that the wind may bring to your roof can mar shingles.

The discoloration is one of the visible signs of problematic shingles. Keep an eye on them, so you can perform the needed roof repairs

3 -Cracks Caused By Wrong Stepping On the Roof

Cracks Caused By Wrong Stepping On the Roof

Whenever you clean your roof or install something to it, you step and walk on the roof to do so. It’s obviously the thing to do so you can accomplish your plan,

however, there’s a right way and a right area to move on the roof. If you’re not aware of them, you might harm yourself and/or your roof. 

Cracks caused by wrong stepping on the roof can be the culprits to roof leaks. Patch them up before they get worse! 

4 -Poor Installation of Skylights

Poor Installation of Skylights

Skylights are unique and sophisticated home installations. They are windows set on roofs, and are sealed with transparent or translucent glass.

They are beautiful, energy-saving and entryways for natural light and fresh air. Definitely, skylights are awesome and useful!

But the benefits of these exceptional windows can only be enjoyed if they are affixed properly. Poor installation of skylights contributes to roof leaks!

es, skylights may be opened for fresh air and outdoor views, but they must be kept closed when raining, so when it’s closed, but still the rain comes in, there’s a problem with your skylights.

There could be cracks on the glass too, or loose locks. Contact your trusted skylight installers for your convenience and safety!

5-Rotting Caused By Unattended Trash

Trash is not only found on streets, in kitchens and in the backyard. Your roof may have trash too. How? Birds and other animals that visit your roof carry fruits and actual garbage to it.

Leaves, flowers, tree branches, papers, plastics and other debris may be blown to your roof by harsh winds. 

If these don’t get cleaned and eliminated as soon as possible, they may rot there. The rotting of unattended trash may extend to the rotting of the roof regions where they are found.

Eventually, your roof’s materials will be damaged. Expect roof leaks to be one of its aftermaths. 

6-Roof leaks from insect bites

Your roof leaks may be caused by bites from pests that visit or stay on your roof. They include roof rats and termites.

They munch on your roof’s components. If you’re not informed and alarmed, they can tremendously ruin the whole roof’s structure, leading to roof leaks.

It’s hard and scary when these pests live on and in your house too. If this happens, and you do nothing to solve the problem, not only roof leaks will be your issue but also serious deterioration of your roof.

7-Lack of Regular Roof Checkup and Maintenance

home roof

When was the last time you had a roof checkup? Maybe it’s the lack of it that causes roof leaks to make you suffer. Because you skip roof checkup, the tendency is you overlook or ignore roof maintenance. 

When this is the case, you won’t be able to discover roof concerns that are only visible to you if you see the roof from the roof. Consequently, you won’t be able to take care of your roof as you should.

Yes, there are expert roofers for the job, but they can’t help you if you don’t ask for their help. So what do you expect? Of course, you will encounter roof leaks with this kind of homeowner irresponsibility.

8-Wear and Tear

Last but not the least, wear and tear is a natural root of roof leaks. As time goes by, your roof’s quality decreases.

Because it goes through a lot, day and night, for countless years, it’s not surprising whenever the roof experiences the evidence of long years of service.

What you can do is to have it still repaired or already replaced by a better and more advanced roof type and material.


There, you have an idea of what reasons there could be why your roof is leaking now, was leaking in the past or will be leaking in the future.

They range from the smallest to the biggest concerns. Nonetheless, they are all roof problems that need roof solutions.

Act on them quickly because even the littlest of them can create gigantic worries and worsened hassles.

Even the leaks that seem to just sneak can result in difficulties and misadventures more challenging than you’ve ever known!  


Nicole Ann Pore, a content writer from the Philippines, is the author of this article.

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