What Are The Most Prominent Benefits Of Hosting A Virtual Event

Virtual-the term defines something from the imagination point of view. Nowadays, with everything going digital, virtual events are finding their way to becoming a good competitor for the physical market.

Virtual experiences eliminate physical barriers to bringing people together. They are suited as well as customizable for all sorts of business types. 

Virtual Events have become the new normal because of their unlimited reach and wide range of customizable options. They are an excellent potential network to connect with a broader range of audiences worldwide.

Virtual Event Platform Solutions: have now become the new face of the industry, providing opportunities in bulk, and what could be a better arrival time than the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The transition to online platforms is noteworthy with the world technologically advancing at an impressive rate. Let’s start with some of the major types of virtual events.  – 

Virtual Show: The virtual show platforms are specifically designed to bring multiple events under one roof along with various customizable options to choose from.

Some of the standard features of this include- job fairs, trade shows, annual conferences, etc. It offers a 3D demonstration facility to its exhibitors. Apart from this, it also provides interaction with the booth staff via chatbox and video calling features.

The most important highlight of these platforms is they enable customizable options to its users for perfectly showcasing the company’s elements such as – posters, videos, and e-brochures. From the pricing point of view, user clients can easily get in touch with the sales representatives to get a hold of it.

Virtual Trade Show: Hosting trade shows virtually is not something out-of-the-box thing for online event management systems. With so many competitors in the industry, it has now become difficult to choose the ideal match for your virtual event. 

Below are some of the key features which can help you organize an engaging event- 

  • Online Engagement- From pre-recorded webinars to conducting surveys along with living polling options, everything comes under one umbrella. Providing recreational engagement with Q&A sessions is also part of it.
  • Customizable 3D options – Creation of 3D lobbies with attractive exhibit halls, using avatars for better user experience, providing a chatbot at the virtual reception desk, etc. are some good options to go with. 
  •  Online 24*7 Customer Service- Whether it is the matter of online meetings or help in case of any queries, the end-to-end protect chat option is available with 24/7 live chat features.

With personalized graphics & immersive display options, these shows are a valuable asset for branding purposes.

Virtual events nowadays are a very convenient and cost-effective solution for all your event needs. Let’s have a quick look at some of the virtual event solutions –

  • Going Live- Authentic event platforms provide hosting facilities for events on a particular website and organize live streaming options on youtube as well as social media.
  • Interactive Breakout Sessions- Small industry-level training which includes frequently asked questions related to a specific topic with good interaction with the attendees. Encouraging attendees to answer questions and solve their doubts is a good part of organizing workshops.
  • Conducting Audience Polls- Organizing digital polls to engage the audience during a virtual event is a good way to better audience engagement. Using questionnaires in between or after the session is the most effective choice for management systems.

Top 5 Benefits Of Hosting A Virtual Event 

Virtual events are the proper showcase for futuristic happenings. They offer on-demand customizable content, services, face-to-face interaction, networking opportunities, sponsor pitches, and much more.

Here are some of the key benefits of hosting virtual events- 

Reducing Travel Time 

Since the covid19 pandemic, virtual gatherings have become the new normal. People stopped wasting hours commuting for work-related meetings and opted for these virtual solutions according to their use.

From the event planner’s point of view, it saves a tremendous amount of time and energy required to select a venue that is equidistant from all the attendees.

Audience Reach

Overcoming the barriers of physical limitations of a venue – seat availability, capacity, etc. virtual events comes out as a one-stop solution for all types of events.

Virtual events provide branding opportunities for companies and allow people with similar interests to connect with one another.

Virtual events have accessibility across the globe with no limitations whatsoever. All you need is just a good internet connection!

Futuristic Approach

With the coming of VR & AR, the customer experience has been largely enhanced. With the increase of human dependency on technology, on a positive note, it is the best opportunity to adapt and become used to it.

Data Analytics At The Fingertips

In organizing physical events it is almost impossible to keep track of every individual attendee. Hence, things have gone simpler with the coming of virtual events.

Statistics like the number of people who attended the event live chats, interaction with a particular exhibitor or sponsor, event app download count, and much more. To be more precise, analyzing data has gone easier and more convenient for the organizers.

Making Lead Retrieval Convenient

The major headache of gathering audiences across various locations and the cost associated with it had become a lot easier with hosting virtual events.

As virtual events are not limited to the pool of attendees, everyone gets a chance to hear insights from renowned experts.

Online promotion of events through different websites, social media as well as email marketing campaigns have become convenient tools for a broader audience reach.


Virtual events are a great addition to the event industry. With a tremendous amount of cost-saving and time-saving options, it simplifies the entire planning process.

Furthermore, as discussed above, the cost & time are significantly lower in the case of virtual events, organizing these events has now become more interesting and highly customizable.

Although the option of organizing physically is always sustained, if it’s a matter of smart work then hard work- virtual is the best solution you have. Going with technology is the need of time.


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