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Best 5 Facebook Marketing Tools To Reorder Your Business Power

With over a family of billions of users across the globe, Facebook keeps us.

So, here am listing you a solid pack of the best 5 Facebook marketing tools to streamline your marketing journey with more productivity and lead projections.

all together and leading a strategic business platform on its wall, Facebook serves you as a perfect and well-settled environment for business dealings and approaches, almost 2 million people get into Facebook every month and with a range of 60 billion active users, it plates you a perfect open market source to target the vast audience and lead your business to a new height.

Now, we too know that the idea of Facebook influence marketing isn’t hidden anymore and everyone whose partially or fully engaged in influence marketing knows how hectic and crucial it is to juggle everything that is required. Plus, the time challenges you hard to catch all your basic implementations of ideas well, with the ever running time it becomes even more arduous to meet up all the necessitates and analyze all your doings and have an overview of other performers.

So to savvy all your efforts and investments, I bring you the best 5 Facebook marketing tools to reorder you as a social potent, analyzer and monitor your campaigns to turn all your efforts into a new business hype. To get all the above dimensions, you are just required to master the art of tool usage so they can help you build your business more snappy and productive and get you to the way of success.

Best 5 Facebook Marketing Tools


Buffer is a self-generated social platform handling tool with the brim standard business swift solution, buffer gets you a glimpse of an organized and structured list of Facebook influencer(s). the main boast of the buffer is it automatically composes a post and organizes content for your page, it lent you to check status updates, and allows you to post on your wall, it even allows you to save content and response status forming a queue for future posting decided by buffer when to post.

Buffer is a very potent customized tool but make sure while investing your pocket you also invest a good time to produce a complete and keen host of your content, buffer then analyze the whole of your social account and sharing and then decide accordingly when to post and at what time your content gets the peak limelight.

Cost: it cost you $10/month at initials and further the billing might fluctuate in accordance with the features selected by you.


With over 15 million users around the globe, Hootsuite serves as a complete social media management tool, supporting almost all social media platforms and taking actions via dashboard services. It gives you a visualized real-time report board to measure and analyze your own performance and build an overview of key elements working on the backside of your Facebook wall.

Hootsuite basically maintains the thought exchange policy among millions of users and manages brands and influential pages on the Social Media Platform

Cost: its free plan grants you basic attributes of analysis and content scheduling and the base plan starts around $10 per month.


likelier is a free tool that helps you measure and analyze facebook’s high tire page performance, it works on ranking the system on-arch and ranks the pages on the basis of traffic leads, engagements, frequency of post, interaction timing, post length, etc.

LikeAlyzer grants you to compare different pages of high-end influencer(s) and get you a sneak pic of how these pages are performing in comparison to your page insight. It was created by Meltwater and possess 1 million users around the globe, it assists to optimize strategy and build the power bridge between the audience and the actioner.

Cost: likeAlyzer is an utter free tool for one profile and its paid plans start at $30 per month.


Adespresso grants you full ad management for facebook marketing, it compares your performance and advertisements of others with you plus indexes them on a report on how you and competitors are performing on the business platform, it checks on the campaigns and tracks the leads, it identifies the ads based on country, gender, device, interest, age, etc, primly Adespresso manages, explore, report ad campaigns and increase your brand visibility and index your ranking report and let you discover how your competitors are doing.

It includes automated post promotion, inbuilt templates, pixel conversion, strong analytics, report functionality, campaign management, notifications, etc, all these features might fluctuate on the basis of the plan taken.

Cost: it grants you a 14-day trial pack and thenceforth you have to pay in accordance with the plan you choose from, it offers you a base plan at $69, premium at $199, elite at $ 399, and diamond at $599.


Agorapulse is a complete analyzing suite built for Facebook and other social media platforms, when agorapulse enters your environment of influence tracking it automatically builds the static measurements of relationship building among multiple platforms, and then it starts allowing you to release your post and track them throughout the platform, it even supports comment monitoring and track engagement leads and gets you a fully analyzed report of your performance.

Agorapulse tracks the most reacting people on your pages and rates your post response among the audience.

Cost: it offers you around four to five subscription plans depending on the wideness of the features you are required and are willing to pay on, the initial or the basic plan starts at $49 per month, it’s called the small plan, the medium plan starts at $99 per month, large and enterprise at $199 and $299 per month respectively.

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