5 Most Significant Challenges of A Handyman Business


While the handyman service industry is thriving, some challenges of the handyman business need addressing and utmost attention. People have sought on-demand handyman services for the last few years to ease their lives and focus on other work they love.

Some on-demand services require quick action and immediate attention, rendering a challenging task in some cases for a handyman service company.

Many businesses want to work in the area but don’t realize all the challenges of handyman businesses. By addressing such pain points, the on-demand service startup can thrive tremendously and open doors to many opportunities.

The handyman app solutions will also help crush potential competitors and stay on top in the on-demand service market.

While exploring and starting your handyman business app, you might have encountered such challenges and looked for solutions to resolve them. Let’s discuss such pain points and what you can do about them.

There are five challenges of the handyman business.

1 – Building A Customer Base

Maintaining and growing a customer base is one of the biggest challenges of the handyman business. Handyman skill sets consist primarily of maintenance and repair work that requires them to pay a home visit. The requirement comes with some drawbacks.

Even if you are providing an excellent service to your ongoing customers, it always comes with certain safety drawbacks from both sides.

Homeowners are a little wary about inviting a stranger into the house. The customer base ranges from elders and disabled to children and sick & lonely people.

In this case, people don’t trust a stranger easily. Also, in some cases, some homeowners misbehave with the handyman workers too.

Services such as pest control, fumigation services, carpeting, home painting, renovation, electronic devices repair services, plumbing, etc., require a professional to enter the house, inspect the damage and work on it.

For a successful handyman business, you need to overcome this crucial challenge of your handyman business and build trust, transparency, and safety among customers.

2 – Seasonal Work for The Handyman

Seasonal Work for The Handyman

Home maintenance and repair services are not an everyday task. It exists for a short period, but a colossal project differs from what you get regularly.

The biggest challenge any handyman business faces is some of the handyman work is seasonal, such as repairing ACs, geysers& heaters, maintaining heating systems, checking air leaks and fixing them, etc. 

The handyman business might thrive during the winter due to some services, but the handyman professionals will only get work during the summer.

Your business will take a toll further with all the competition in the market. All the discount offers and deals on seasonal work will lower your revenue and overall profit due to competition.

A Handyman business owner needs to find a unique solution to keep the business running throughout the year and provide excellent services.

Other costs, such as tools & equipment management and maintenance, small storage to store all the tools, vehicle maintenance, etc., also need consideration.

3 – Knowledge and Skillset of Handymen

Knowledge and skill sets of a handyman are crucial things to keep in mind. In some cases, handyman workers have done more damage than repairments; such incidents cost a lot to owners. They will unlikely reorder your services. They may give you money for all the work despite the mess. However, it will destroy your brand name in the market. 

You require to hold very high ethical values while running the handyman business. Some handyman workers need training & time to practice before entering the field.

It will cost you time and resources. However, when they go into the area, it will not hurt your reputation. A skilled worker brings more value and works to your business.

To overcome this challenge, you need to hire trained professionals or provide training to your handyman workers and promote the skillset and quality of your work in the area as much as possible to get more jobs.

4 – Scaling the Business

A handyman business thrives on optimal functionality and excellent user experience. The company needs to meet all the user demands within the time frame & budget.

Some clients ask for world-class services with little to no money. Dealing with such clients while maintaining your reputation and image can be a considerable challenge.

Excellent marketing planning is necessary for a successful business to thrive. A proper business plan, good marketing strategy, trained professionals, setting up affordable prices, quick quality services, et., are necessary to scale the business further.

Businesses must build customer relationships on ethics & quality of services they provide will bring more value to your business. Paying attention to small details, hiring experienced handyman workers, and going the extra mile for your customers to provide the best services are necessary. It also helps build a firm brand name among your customers. 

5 – The Minimum Price Rate of Handyman Services

The biggest challenge in this competitive market of handyman business is setting up affordable prices that must not be expensive for customers and not too low for handyman workers’ worth. People seek a service provider who will provide quality work at a minimum or affordable rate.

Some handyman workers are part-time job seekers. They will provide quality services while not taking up the job as a full-time worker.

They will work for certain hours only to earn extra money after years of service in the market. So, setting the minimum price is necessary for such workers to take up the job. 

A handyman business also needs investments from venture capitalists to crush all the challenges and run smoothly. Without it, a new-founded startup won’t be able to survive. At the beginning of the startup, it is a tightrope & keeping afloat is hard. 

Final Words Challenges of A Handyman Business

Establishing a handyman business can take a lot of work. You will face many challenges along the path and find solutions too.

Every challenge can be another opportunity if you look at it a certain way. Staying positive and hopeful while facing every challenge because the handyman industry is thriving, and more people are seeking to hire professionals. 

Ensure you can turn in every challenging opportunity with the right business idea and skilled professionals by your side. 

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