Confluence Cost vs Wrike Cost – Which One is Worth The Investment?

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Using different software to keep track of the same project can be frustrating. Click here to see a comparison of Confluence cost vs Wrike cost to see which is the best all-in-one platform.

Buying new software is not an easy task and it requires the end-users to carefully deliberate over the available choices.

After they have shortlisted platforms based on the features the second most important aspect is related to the pricing plans.

Companies must ensure that the software they are purchasing is within their budget and that there are no hidden fees.

This article compares Confluence cost vs Wrike cost in an attempt to make it easier for the audience to take their pick.

Confluence Software

Confluence is a powerful collaborative solution that combines project management features with a knowledge base. It establishes task ownership and increases accountability amongst teams.

Sharing ideas, building a community, and getting work done is much easier with the software. The best way for anyone to share ideas is through a consolidated workspace and Confluence fulfills that requirement.

There are documentation features included through which teams can efficiently get things done and document them in the same window.

Key Features


Confluence includes a wide selection of built-in templates that cover several aspects such as marketing plans, product requirements, email campaigns, and design systems.

With access to these users do not have to spend time creating custom pages for their clients. They can develop a remote strategy and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Software Integration

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The top features included in Confluence empower users in their ability to create dedicated pages. The popular applications and platforms offered by Atlassian can be integrated seamlessly too.

Users may leverage the issue tracking tools of Jira or build team calendars using Trello.

It is easier to optimize the software solution with all applications according to the theme and workflows. Each integration is secure and projects can be tracked efficiently.

Knowledge Base Confluence Cost vs Wrike Cost

Apart from Confluence cost vs Wrike cost, the major difference between the two platforms is that Confluence is a knowledge base.

It is the best way for the team to share information and get the answers they need. Automating processes is much easier with all the project information.

It is the best way for the team to share information and get the answers they need. Automating processes is much easier with all the project information.


Organizations can boost their productivity and raise the quality of outputs with Confluence. They can also share important announcements, receive quick feedback, and introduce better work practices to the company culture.

Project Management

Every aspect of the project or platform is on Confluence which helps the audience gain access to it much faster. They can gain more visibility into projects and keep track of the deadlines without missing a beat.


When discussing Confluence Cost vs Wrike cost, it is important to discuss the pricing plans offered by Confluence. The solution can either be cloud-based or on-premise and with each category users drastically gain more functionality.

They only need to pay once for installation and can choose any of the three packages based on the features they need. There are two options for all users and they can choose a self-managed or on-premise solution.

Wrike Software

Wrike helps teams plan for projects using the templates included in the software. They can quickly assign work, create tasks, set deadlines, and add milestones.

The visual components of Gannt charts and Kanban boards make collaboration very easy. Users can keep track of real-time tasks and customize the workflows with a click.

They can also edit files, proofread documents and schedule automated reports through the platform.

Organized Folders

Wrike uses a structured approach to project management and streamlines all files to maximize efficiency. It simplifies even the most complicated workflows and saves a lot of time and effort.

The dashboard users can create customized folders and subfolders for their personal viewing. They can also break the project down into key components such as marketing, web design, and brainstorming.

Task Management

There are several different options available when it comes to breaking down tasks. Users can view the backlogged items first or sort them according to labels.

There are also different options for scheduling and adding due dates. The users can store documents and files in the form of cards and add notes to make sure nothing is missed.


It is very easy to accomplish major events with the help of the milestone feature on Wrike. They can add important points to the project timeline and make sure all team members are aware of them.

The progress of each phase is displayed right on the dashboard or move the cards to different columns using the drag-and-drop option

Task Dependency

Wrike keeps track of how much time employees spend on the project and what they accomplish with that time. 

They may use the same window to define task dependencies and track them. There are options to follow strict timelines or sequences by setting rules.


Users can manage all their documentation through Wrike which includes product roadmaps, attachments, communication threads, and templates.

They can see who made changes to the file in real-time and also keep all versions of the document. Team members receive instant notifications any time edit a file or add comments.


Wrike includes four different payment plans and companies are allowed to take advantage of them. There is a free version of the plan that offers unlimited user support. Users can get acquainted with the features during the free trial as well.

When discussing Confluence cost vs Wrike cost, Wrike has a free version that allows users to share information, tasks, and activities within the same package.

It also has a spreadsheet for the entire project and includes basic integrations such as Dropbox or Google Drive. There are different features included in the mobile application with 2GB storage space.


Those who are looking for a project management solution should get a customized quote from the vendors. There are differences between Confluence cost vs Wrike cost which depend on the number of features and users required.

The business managers can integrate each software with other solutions and delegate tasks with ease. They can also schedule a demonstration to see if the software is worth the price.

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