Different Kinds of Birthstones

In our world available different kinds of birthstones. God creates every person uniquely. Our birth is as fateful as the blooming of a flower. Flowers spread fragrance, and humans spread vibes with our deeds. The relationship between our birthdate and birthstone is a very close relation. 

Why am I talking about birthstones in the concept of birth? Because every birthstone connects the human body with his soul. It heals the inner parts of the body.

A doctor heals only the physical body, but a birthstone repairs the soul. There is some magical connectivity of gems with birth.

A birthstone ( Raashi Ratan) is nothing but a gemstone. Let’s dive into the sea of gemstones where you can find various kinds of gems; like- Loose Emerald Stones with Tanzanite Gemstone Online with others in this blog.

History of Birthstone (Including Tanzanite Gemstone, CZ, Loose Emerald Stones)

Josephus (A historian of the first century) believed in the connection of the twelve stones with the twelve signs of the Zodiac ( Raashi).

The concept of birthstone emerged from this concept. If we try to find some scientific reasons for gemstones, Then We may obtain some so-called logic. But science cannot explain the belief system of humans and our subconscious minds. 

There are twelve different kinds of birthstones every month. Every gemstone is unique, represents some emotion, and symbolizes a purpose for wearing.

We can use the birthstone as a loose gemstone or worn as jewelry. In the chart below, I will arrange birthstones as a month.

Garnet– It belongs to the 14th century. And the word Garnet means dark red, but we can find a variety of colors. It is a January Birthstone. It symbolizes protection.

Amethyst– Purple is its color. The purple shade of Amethyst represents the purity of spirit & presence of intelligence. It is a February birthstone. Egyptians wore this stone in ancient times.

Aquamarine– It represents peace and happiness. When you listen to the name ‘aquamarine’ for the first time, you will think about the sea and river. Our ancestors believed that it protects us from water. It is a March birthstone.

Diamond and Cubic Zirconia– Diamond is one of the oldest gemstones. Diamonds get in every color of the rainbow. We see only white shades of diamonds many times because red, blue, orange, and green diamonds are the rarest gemstones on Earth. 

Cubic zirconia found in recent times, which is also known as a synthetic stone. It was discovered by a German mineralogist in 1937. It is the best stimulant of diamonds.

It gained popularity in 1970 because It looks like a diamond exactly. But the diamond is a natural gemstone, And it is a synthetic stone. Both gems are considered April Birthstone.

Emerald– Emerald was found in Egypt (The Red Sea) for the first time in 330 B.C., Almost 2.96 Billion years old. The Egyptians used an emerald to protect them from evils.

It is the symbol of rebirth. An emerald gemstone sustains the power of hope. It is a May birthstone. If you buy an emerald gemstone, then good luck follows you. We can see Loose Emerald Stones in different shops in various carats.  

Pearl and Moonstone- Pearl is also a gemstone, But one amazing fact makes it different. It is the only gemstone that we get from living creatures. Natural pearls are the rarest gemstone in the world. You can see synthetic pearls at local shops, which create at labs.

The Moonstone is the symbol of relaxation, balance, and energy. First Moonstone was discovered by ancient Romans. They trusted that it has made from the rays of the moon because it glows like the moon. Both are beautiful stones and replicas of beauty and love.

Ruby- The word “Ruby” means Red, and comes from the Latin word Rubens. It is one of the most precious stones among diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. It is a June Birthstone and represents inner purity and helps to find passion.

Peridot– We can see many gemstones with many colors. But peridots find in olive green color only. When someone wears a peridot, spread beauty everywhere. It is an August Birthstone. Egyptians used peridot for the first time. Although, it had discovered in 1906 again.

Sapphire– Sapphire was worn by Royal families in ancient times. It is the second most durable gem after diamond among all gemstones. Sapphire gets in many colors like; yellow, pink, white, and green. Although people like the blue color most. It represents truth. Its color brings you into the deep ocean of affection and love.

Opal and Tourmaline– You know that Opal is the national gemstone of Australia. Opal connects us with confidence and symbol of the inner purity of the soul. It finds in many colors like; white, orange, yellow, red, etc.

Tourmaline is a spiritual stone. It was discovered in 1554 after a funny incident had happened. Who found it, thought that it is emerald? It comes in nearly every color. Tourmaline in pink represents humanity lover.

Citrine– The yellow color is the month of November. Citrine is a November month birthstone. It became popular in the 1920s and 1930s in Hollywood. Merchant stone is another name for Citrine.

Tanzanite– Tanzanite Gemstone found in Tanzania. Blue Zoisite is another name. It is the birthstone of December. An amazing is coming towards you that tanzanite gemstone is rarest than diamonds. You can get tanzanite gemstones online from various nearby stores.

Blue Topaz- Do you know that Topaz is the birthstone of November and Blue Topaz is the December Birthstone? Natural blue Topaz is very rare. Its glacier shade is very seductive.

Which is the best place to buy a Birthstone?

When we buy jewelry, it becomes the best day of our life. Jewelry brings happiness to our life. Everyone wants the best gemstone jewelry.

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