Do Exams Make Us Fat? Learn To Take Care Of Yourself

They say that studying makes us fat, but it’s not true. Anxiety, bad eating habits, and a sedentary lifestyle are all factors that contribute to obesity.

Exam Season and Extra kilos

During the years that we are going to be struggling to graduate and get our degree, we are going to face exhausting exam seasons many times, but if we plan them well, we will end up getting the hang of them even in the matter of food.

December is always a difficult month to maintain the size of our pants. Christmas arrives, we visit our family, we eat until we burst and snack on nougat, shortbread, chocolates, and roscoe’s in our free time.

However, for those of us who must devote the whole month to preparing papers and tests, the onerous work of staying on track becomes impossible.

June is different but not better: a few days before the start of the study marathon, we rob a supermarket and fill the cart with junk food.

We are not going to have time or desire to start cooking, so the simplest thing is to load everything precooked that we find and dress it with buns and snacks to eat between meals.

After having passed the exams, finding ourselves on the scale 5 kg more should not surprise us.

How Do We Avoid Fat?

It’s actually easy (sort of). It’s just about having some will and organization.

For our body to perform adequately it needs to be well fed. we are going to have to make a little effort. 

If we don’t have anyone to cook for us, it would be nice if, in the days before we became cloistered monks, we dedicated ourselves to making a few healthy meals and freezing them.

Then, it will be enough to pull the microwave and we will hardly lose time.

Legumes are very good, and we don’t have to add bacon, sausages, and others to make them taste delicious.

A warm salad of chickpeas, zucchini, and aborigine seasoned with curry, cumin, and olive oil is a good solution for not going over calories and eating healthy.

Lean meats and seafood are also appropriate choices. As we are going to need a good amount of hydrates, which fill us up more and give us energy, we choose to cook whole meal pasta and rice.

 The bread for the handy sandwiches can also be whole grain and without sugar.

You have to drink a lot even if it makes us go to the bathroom more often (so we stretch our legs from time to time).

Being well hydrated is essential for our body and mind to function properly, but, as we seek not to gain weight, filling ourselves with carbonated drinks (super sugary or not) is not advisable.

The best is water. But we can supplement by having sugar-free juices, infusions, etc., in the fridge or pantry, so that they are not lacking when we need them.

To snack between meals, instead of chips and buns, we opt for nuts and other dried fruits, olives, tomato salads (which are prepared in a very short time), cheese, fruit, raw carrots, and hard-boiled eggs cut into pieces

If we love chocolate, the one that will make us fat the least is black; but if we don’t overdo it, we can eat everyone.

If we love chocolate, the one that will make us fat the least is black; but if we don’t overdo it, we can eat everyone.

Anxiety And Lack OF Exercise

The anxiety caused by exams makes us eat compulsively, but as we have already said, we can go from gaining one or two kilos that we will easily take off in a few days, or having 5 extra kilos, which will take months to get rid of.

Physical inactivity also causes anxiety and fatigue while making learning difficult, so it would be highly recommended that we move a little every day.

It is not necessary to waste a lot of time, going out into the street and running a couple of laps around our house is enough.

In addition, getting physically tired mitigates anxiety, releases endorphins that make us feel good, and allows us to relax and return to the study with a fresher head.

What do we lose? 10 minutes a couple of times a day? Is not that much. Especially because when we sit back in the chair, we will be less saturated and we will study better.

Forbidden To Diet

Going on a diet also generates anxiety and even, sometimes, depression. Just what we don’t need right now. It’s not about Weight Loss.

It’s about not getting fat at exam time. We should not go hungry or waste time thinking about how much we want some pancakes with chocolate. If the body asks us for food, we have to give it to it.

What we must avoid is compulsively swallowing food that does not feed us and makes us fat. If we’re unhappy with our physique and want to lose a little weight, we have plenty of months after the online exam help to eat less and exercise more.

What we have to worry about right now is not how well the pants fit us, but how good we are going to feel when we have everything approved and we spend the summer celebrating it.

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