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Do You Know Anything About The Plywood Authenticity Certificate?

Modern homes have seen a resurgence of plywood to build cabinets and wardrobes. Plywood gives you a feel of authenticity and places you closer to nature.

Woodwork and other techniques are used to give your home a tremendous aesthetic and fill it with good energy.

Natural, premium-quality plywood has been in great demand. With great demand, the risk of fraudulent plywood dramatically increases.

The market has seen a spike in the number of scamming dealers who charge for authentic plywood sheets but deliver fake ones. This concern has made it difficult for pioneering companies in the market to distinguish themselves.

What is it plywood?

A plywood authenticity certificate is a certificate that attests to the quality and originality of the plywood. Several testing companies have won the approval of the standards, whose word can be taken.

These organizations conduct random checks on various products before certifying a dealership.

After winning the seal of approval, a company can subscribe to regular checks to maintain a continuous certificate.

Good plywood sellers have nothing to hide and usually opt for impromptu checks to maintain their certification.

This certificate is compressed to a QR code on premium plywood and printed on every sheet. This process is an attempt at transparency and attests to the quality of the company.

You can view adequate details and original certificates with this QR code.

Plywood Certificate is displayed proudly by genuine sellers who cater to the customer and value transparency. CenturyPromise is an app curated to validate certificates and help customers choose non-fraudulent sellers.

Why is it important plywood?

Certification is fundamental to prove that sellers are not scamming the buyer. Most buyers are not knowledgeable about the quality of plywood and, more often than not, get taken advantage of.

While companies with the customer’s interests at heart will never attempt to fool them, the exponential increase in the scammer count has forced this seal of authenticity.

If you are looking to purchase natural plywood, or are hiring a designer or a builder who is buying plywood for you, make sure to ask for a certificate.

Duplication and scams happen at different levels, and while trust is a good virtue to have, it shouldn’t be a given while doing business.

To eradicate fraudulent companies, we shouldn’t hunt for them. It is a better option to educate all buyers about the existence of fakes.

Spreading awareness about the industry and educating them about the authenticity certificate can curb corruption at a much higher rate.

What should you look for in the certificate?

While the existence of a certificate is a good sign, fakes of a certificate are not hard to craft. It is essential to know what an original certificate looks like and what to look for when you want to confirm its genuineness.

A hallmark is awarded to every genuine certificate. A hologram with a clear font indicates a hologram which is the first sign of an original certificate.

This mark can be found in the bottom right corner and must be present on the page. Every certification agency has an original imprint that serves as the approval seal.

The font style, proper grammar, and layout of the page are factors to notice. An original certificate will have a typical formal font style, correct grammar, and no errors in the layout.

If any of these features are askew, it indicates a fake. Keeping these in mind, you can extend your criteria and trust your instinct when wanting to verify a certificate’s authenticity.

Why should you always ask for a certificate from your designer?

If you are hiring a third party to design your wardrobe or your kitchen, it is essential to trust them not to scam you. Many scams happen at this level and not with the original manufacturers.

Being in the industry, they have more connections and experience, which can be a disadvantage if they want to scam you.

It would be best if you always asked for an authenticity certificate after you decide to proceed with plywood as the material for your furniture.

While spending that extra time might be an inconvenience, it is better to have known than to repent your decisions later. Obtain the certificate and scrutinize it with your expertise.

If you have a friend in the industry, ask for their opinion before choosing your plywood seller.

Plywood manufacturer proves their standard by showing you their certificate unprompted. The primary focus of a good seller is always quality customer service.

They value your time and assure you that your spending is worth the product. Scammers usually only look to loot your money and don’t try to prove their authenticity.

A quick sale proves more beneficial to them as customers don’t have time to deliberate.


Plywood is in great demand, and this has led to many fakes being sold. To tackle this issue, a plywood authenticity certificate can be demanded by the customer to check the genuineness of the plywood.

The Century Promise is a beautiful app that scans the certificate’s QR code and checks its authenticity. If doubtful, this app proves to be a lifesaver, and you can safely trust your buyer after using the app.

It is always recommended to ask for an authenticity certificate before all your wood purchases. A genuine seller will have nothing to hide and will appreciate your initiative.

It is better to have been safe for this one-time investment, ensuring a long lifespan

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