5 Technologies That Are Worth Learning To Become A Freelance Website Developer

There is much scope for growth as a Freelance Website Developer in the market as more businesses are embracing technology for everything from business operations to marketing and more.

Everything from payment gateways to how one interacts with employees, customers, vendors, partners, and stakeholders is regulated by technology.

Working full-time with a large company has its perks, but one may get stagnated in their roles or typecast in their professional sphere.

Many businesses that cannot afford full-time software technicians outsource the development work to software companies that provide low-cost services.

The COVID-19 pandemic-induced nationwide lockdown promoted the moonlighting culture. This culture was facilitated by freelance job websites such as ZoopUp, Upwork, Freelancer, and Truelancer, to name a few.

If you are ready to take the plunge and become a full-time freelance website developer, then here are a few technologies that are worth learning.

There are 5 Best Freelance Website Developer Learning Tips.


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the building blocks of all web development. Both HTML and CSS are used in the front end to build interfaces.

While HTML tags are used for different purposes in the website’s structure, CSS is used for style, design, layout, and how the HTML elements are displayed on the screen. JavaScript makes HTML pages interactive and dynamic.

JavaScript is a versatile platform that can be used with languages such as Python, PHP, ASP.Net, and others to make the website more interactive.

JavaScripts such as MEAN stack and MERN stack are frontend and backend languages. Learning these will give you an edge to do end-to-end development.

2. Git and GitHub

Git is among the more popular version control systems used by most organizations and a serious web developer must know how to use it.

It has some basic commands for cloning, merging branches, pushing to repositories, making a pull request, etc. GitHub is a service where a developer can push their Git repositories to host the code.

It is a collaboration platform for developers where they can work together on projects.

3. Application Programming Interface (API)

API is a web development tool that deals with third-party data and allows developers to use functionalities without sharing the code during web development.

The GitHub API repository can be used for different purposes and project ideas by web developers.

One can check the public APIs and learn Rest API and how to build it, HTTP request methods such as PUT, DELETE, GET PATCH, and CRUD operations such as Create, Read, Update, and Delete.

There are different status codes and data formats such as JSON, HTML, and XML that one can use.

4. MVC (Model, View, Controller)

The Model, View, Controller or MVC model is a design pattern that saves developers a lot of time in separating the entire application into three different sections.

In MVC, the model is about database interaction, the view is responsible for what the user sees on the screen, and the controller acts as an interface between the model and the view.

MVC pattern eases and speeds up the development process. Laravel, Django, and Angular are all based on MVC patterns. A developer who knows MVC can adapt to any framework for any programming language.

5. Programming Languages (Backend)

Web developers can learn and specialize in any one of the programming languages such as Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, or JavaScript to handle the backend.

These five programming languages are most in-demand among clients searching for freelancers for their website development projects. These programming languages will form the basis of the web application that one will be designing.

As most freelance development jobs are for website development, one must know how to use WordPress, which is the most common development platform.

Next, one must know how to develop mobile applications and how to build utilities for web development. For all of these, PHP is a basic requirement. 

You Require Soft Skills For Freelance Website Developer

Unlike working for an IT company full-time, Freelancing requires one to be able to do a fair amount of marketing and sales too.

If you want to establish yourself as a freelance website developer, you must know the market rates for various levels of web development.

One must submit proposals for a project and have a profile that will convey one’s expertise and attract clientele.

The Networking Skills

For a freelancer, networking is extremely important as an intimation of new projects will come through the network.

Often, in web development projects, a client may require assistance and further reference for a resource person, so if one is connected, the professionals can help one another to provide end-to-end services.

As a freelance website developer, one has professional freedom to work on projects that are diverse and with clients from different industries. The freelance website developer can travel to client sight for gigs or work from anywhere as a freelancer.

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