How To Draw Jack Skellington

In this tutorial you will learn How to Draw Jack Skellington. There are plenty of noteworthy Christmas movies to enjoy during the holiday season, but of them all, The Nightmare before Christmas is perhaps one of the most unusual!

It might not seem like a classic Christmas movie, but it made it stand out and win many fans worldwide. The protagonist of this film is the King of Halloween, Jack Skellington! This character has a great skeleton design, making learning to draw Jack Skellington fun.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to recreate this iconic character to celebrate the movie! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

How to Draw Jack Skellington Step by Step

Step 1:

Jack Skellington’s most defining characteristic is his name, and he’s a living skeleton! With that in mind, we’ll start with his skull in this first step of our guide on how to draw Jack Skellington.

To start, we will instead remove the front of the head. First, use curved lines for the top of her eyes to give them some attitude.

Then draw more lines between them to accentuate further his facial expression and two dots below for the nose. Finally, we will draw his smiling mouth.

You can do this by drawing two curved lines that connect. Next, draw rows of small lines coming out of the top and bottom of the mouth to look like teeth.

Step 2:

Now that you have drawn his face, you can outline his head in this part of your Jack Skellington drawing. Its head is separated into two halves, with a curved line for the top and a wider one for the bottom of the head.

Draw two sharp lines reaching down from its leader, as these will form its neck. We will then create the necklace for her outfit, and the center will be a small round shape that will serve as a kind of brooch connecting the two wings.

Speaking of the wings, we’re going to use curved lines to form the shapes of her neck that look a bit like the wings of a bat. Then you are ready for step 3!

Step 3:

His head is finished, so for this third step of our guide on how to draw Jack Skellington, we’ll start drawing his arms and chest. Starting with the arms, we’ll use curved and straight lines for her arms. 

The left arm will be raised, but the right arm will be bent at your side. You can then draw his jacket and chest using more rounded lines. Once it examines like our contact print, you’re right to go!

Step 4:

We will draw his skeleton hands for this part of our Jack Skellington drawing. As his hands are skeletal, we will use several segments for his hands.

The left arm will have a raised hand, and the right arm will be bent to show that the hand is against your waist. With both of your hands drawn, we have some final details to add to the next step of the guide!

Step 5:

Before you add color to your image, we have a few final things to add in this part of our guide on how to draw Jack Skellington.

Instead, we will pull his portions which will be a small scratch. To draw the legs, you will use slightly curved lines to draw her legs as they appear in the reference image. We will then use wavy lines for his tails flowing behind him.

Then you can add elements and details to finish your image! You can draw background details of your favorite scene from the movie or add other characters you like from the movie. These are just a few ideas you can choose from, but what else can you think of to complete this picture?

Step 6:

In this last step, we will finish your drawing of Jack Skellington with some colors. As our contact picture pictures, we’ll use a few hues of grey to paint Jack.

We suggest these, but you can also add any color you like! If you have drawn background elements or detail additions, you can use these skins with more colors you like to complete it.

You can also experiment with your favorite artistic tools and mediums to bring colors to life. We can’t wait to see what colors and mediums you’ll use to finish your image.

Make your Jack Skellington drawing even better!

These five fun and easy tips make this Jack Skellington sketch even better! This character comes from a film that presents Christmas as a significant element.

You could add festive elements to this Jack Skellington drawing. It could be simple, like adding a Santa hat on your head, but you could add lots of Christmas decorations! These are just a few holiday ideas, but how could you put a Christmas twist on them?

We are focusing on only part of this character for this drawing by Jack Skellington. It looks fantastic, but you can add more to the design to finish it!

It could include drawing the rest of her legs, but you can add as many as you want. If not, how can you complete this pose? When you master this drawing, you can use what you have learned to draw it in different poses. It could be done by keeping some elements of the guide and modifying others!

You can create a new pose, but you can also recreate some poses from the movie. How would you approach Jack Skellington to end this?

Jack is far from the only iconic movie character he stars as. Adding more characters to this Jack Skellington sketch would be a great way to capture the movie’s spirit!

One of the most notable additions would be his love interest, Sally. You can find many pictures of her online or use the movie as a reference.

What other characters could you add to this work? Whether you used some or all of our tips, you can combine them with a background for this Jack Skellington drawing.

It can be easy or as complicated as you like! A typical image of this character shows him with the giant moon behind him. Or you can go for an intricate recreation of your favorite scene for ideas.

Your drawing of Jack Skellington is complete!

The six steps of this guide to drawing Jack Skellington are complete, and you have recreated this iconic character!

We hope this guide has made learning how to draw Jack easy and fun, as we aim to break it down into smaller steps to make it easier for you. Now you can take this drawing to the next level by adding your details and elements.

We’ve mentioned a few ideas, like drawing a background and more characters from the movie, but there’s a lot you can do.

You can also experiment with colors and artistic mediums to express your creativity! Once you’re ready for your following drawing guide, be sure to visit our website.

We have many excellent guides and are constantly uploading new ones for you to enjoy!

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