How To Repair Corrupted PDF Files Easily

Are you troubled with the damaged and important PDF files on your system? If yes, then go through the easiest troubleshooting guide to repair corrupted PDF files.

The most used document format is PDF. Every person uses it for work, which is used in workplaces, schools, and software companies. Because it is a safe document format and requires an editor to be altered, PDF has grown in popularity.

These files are memory hogs since PDF files do not alter when opened on a different device; they remain consistent. Data loss might occur if your PDF file is corrupted or otherwise rendered inaccessible. Thankfully, this issue is fixable with the proper techniques and equipment.

There is a plethora of file repair software available which can readily solve your issue. You can install any as per your wish and use it. Although, there are many effective manual methods too that can fix the corrupted files. Here in this article, we will discuss them.

Let us first understand the possible causes behind the corrupted or damaged files.

Possible Reasons for Damaged Files

When a PDF file becomes corrupt, there could be a number of causes. The following is a list of some of the reasons why the PDF became corrupted:

Unanticipated system failure

Your laptop or computer may occasionally shut down unexpectedly while you’re using it. It can be due to a power outage or an internal system flaw.

However, the likelihood of your PDF file becoming corrupted is great if you are uploading it or working on it in this situation.

Incorrect download

Download issues frequently happen, and a shaky or constrained internet connection is the main culprit. The downloaded files may include mistakes and turn out to be corrupted if your internet connection is problematic and the performance is slow.

Interference is another factor that might lead to file corruption during download. The PDF file will fail to open and become corrupted if the download is interrupted while it is taking place.

The issue with your hard disc or storage device

The files that are stored on your hard disc may become corrupt if it even has a small amount of damage. Even when hard drives appear to be functioning well, they might still harm your contents.

Even though the hard disc only ceases functioning when it has entirely failed, your PDF can still be corrupted. The hard drive can stop functioning due to a variety of system faults, which can also corrupt the files that are stored there.

Conflicting software

Occasionally, something as simple as switching to an incompatible PDF file viewer can have a significant impact. Errors may appear when you open your PDF in non-compatible software or apps.

Using the incorrect PDF file reader will ruin your file and prevent it from opening, instead. A PDF file should always be opened in a supported file reader; otherwise, you won’t be able to access the document and view it.

Presence of virus

Damaged or corrupt PDF files may also be the result of any virus or harmful software that is present on your computer.

You should always first recognize the cause behind your errors, after that only you can apply the solution effectively. Hence, now that you have understood the reasons, let us move forward to their solutions.

Methods to Fix Damaged Files

If a PDF file was harmed as a result of any of the aforementioned reasons, you may use the right methods and tools to repair it. Below, we’ve provided the best methods for retrieving your important PDF file.

Switch to alternatives

If your preferred PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat or Reader, is unable to open your file, it’s more probable that the problem is with the tool you are using to open the file than with the document itself.

Try using different alternate PDF file readers to check if they can open the file properly.

Recover the compatible version of the file

If you already have the PDF file on your computer, you can use the backup utility that comes with Windows 10. You can use it to recover the PDF file’s earlier, compatible versions.

Follow the below steps to recover your file’s better and more compatible version.

  1. Go to the Start menu on your system.
  1. Enter Settings in it and open the first result.
  1. Now move to the Update & Security option.
  1. If you can find the backup of your file there, then restore it immediately.

But in case you can not find the restorable version of your file, then follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your desired file and right-click on it.
  1. Open Properties section.
  1. Now, go to the Previous versions option.
  1. Look for compatible versions of your file and restore it.

Convert the Repair Corrupted PDF Files

Although it is not the ideal answer, in some circumstances it can be useful. When restoring the entire PDF is not your goal, this technique might be useful. Here, your goal is to recover the crucial PDF file components, such as texts, graphs, images, and so on.

The best technique to extract the components of a PDF file is through conversion. Given that Word files almost entirely support the elements of a PDF file, you can convert the PDF file into a Word file.


So, to conclude, in this article, we have given solutions to the most common and bothersome problem i.e., damaged PDF files. There are various solutions to this issue, recognize the cause behind your problem and apply the solution accordingly.

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