How To Use Your Edge Account For Online Shopping And E-Commerce

Edge Account holders always keep looking for bigger and better offers regarding banking products and features. You get many perks with a special account, such as shopping benefits, card upgrades, or higher interest rates. If you plan to open an online savings account on a zero balance, read this post before deciding.

This post explores the perks of the Kotak Edge savings accountIt discusses the exclusive benefits you will get as an Edge account holder and what makes it better than your classic zero balance accounts.

What is the Edge Savings Account?

Banking experiences become memorable when you think beyond routine savings accounts. Upgrading to the Edge account can make this possible.

This account is better than your standard zero-balance account. Account holders enjoy shopping benefits, huge discounts, lifetime validity, and other perks.

Like a regular bank account, you can open it online or upgrade from your existing bank account to an Edge account.

Why Upgrade to the Edge Savings Account?

Below are points highlighting the perks and benefits of Edge. They delve into what makes Edge popular and its upgrades, which have become a hot topic.

1. Huge Savings: IMPS, NEFT, and RTGS transfers have become unlimited for Edge account holders. Users save up to Rs 1,400 per year on fund transfer fees.

2. Platinum Debit Card: Account holders get a platinum debit card through which they get to enjoy fuel surcharge waivers and access to 900+ VIP airport lounges.

3. Premium Benefits: Online shopping becomes more exciting with an Edge account that offers up to 20% discount on meals and e-commerce transactions.

4. Higher Interest Rates: Upgrading to an Edge account also makes you eligible for higher interest rates on savings.

5. Lifetime Validity: Another edge you get with an Edge account is the lifetime validity of the offers. There are no extra charges to enjoy the excellent benefits of this account. Upgrade your account immediately and feel the true ‘edge’ in each online transaction.

How to Upgrade Your Existing Account to an Edge Account?

Opening a new account is very easy. Start by downloading the Kotak 811 mobile app and initiate the process. Ensure you have a valid Aadhaar card and PAN card if you are a new user and are opening a new bank account.

You can open a bank account online with the video KYC process. The process for upgrading to Edge is simple. Visit the website or refer to the help section in the mobile app to learn more about the process.

It requires zero paperwork to upgrade your bank account to an Edge account. There are no minimum balance obligations involved. Edge makes online saving account opening with zero balance a hassle-free process. 

To enjoy the perks and benefits of an Edge account, the account holder must maintain a minimum balance of Rs 10,000. With an online saving account opening zero balance, Edge provides an easy and convenient way for customers to open an account and start enjoying the benefits of banking with Edge.

Although, keeping the minimum balance is worth it, considering the shopping discounts, fuel surcharge waiver, access to VIP airport lounges, and other banking perks. Consider the amount of money you spend on fuel surcharges yearly and fund transfer charges.

How to Use Your Edge Account for Online Shopping?

Edge account holders get a platinum debit card which they can use for online shopping and e-commerce transactions.

Enter the card details during the check-out process for online shopping, and if there are any existing offers on the shopping website, you get an additional discount. Users get credits on every purchase with a debit card with no restrictions.

Account holders can redeem the points for additional money saving on e-commerce transactions.

Apart from card transactions, you can access your Edge account via the mobile app, which you can use to manage your account and make transactions and life easier.


Edge account is a truly beneficial offer for individuals looking for perks and shopping benefits with a platinum debit card.

Open your Kotak Edge savings account with the no-contact video KYC method, requiring zero paperwork.

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