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Importance of Customer Reviews in Improving SEO

Customer reviews are not simply presentation. In this section, the ways are explained that marketers can implement for using reviews for improving their SEO efforts.

Customer reviews are not only valuable to new and potential consumers in learning about the opinions and experiences of previous customers, but they are also effective in providing organic ranking increments when used correctly.

Customer Reviews are effectual in establishing trust with the product and provider. They provide customers with the opportunity to post their inputs and experience with the purchased.

Positive reviews from customers can be seen by new and prospect customers at the time they are looking to gain more information about the product(s). Moreover, having reviews openly presented indicates that a business is okay to buy from.

Presenting reviews, although they are not good reviews, is important for companies who wish to establish trust with customers in modern and advanced SEO scene.

With huge and significant percentage of traffic coming organically, it is wise for marketers to use reviews in bringing website traffic.

Reviews are effectual in building trust with a brand. Trust with brand can be turned into calculable return on investment with higher website traffic and online sales.

Below are 5 ways that are helpful to marketers in improving their SEO efforts by using customer reviews.

1) Focus off-page SEO

Off-page SEO includes the promotional activities that are basically done to develop a digital impression aside from the main website.

Building trustworthy backlinks to web pages, creating a profile on a third-party review site, and being active on social media platforms are all examples of these efforts.

It is important to emphasize on on-page and off-page SEO. Search engines utilize off-page SEO indications to measure the authority, relevancy and credibility of a website belonging to a brand. 

Reviews are amongst the highly dependable mediums that marketers can utilize to augment those indications.

There come search engine updates and changes, however reviews stay unchanged. Off page SEO associated aspects such as third party reviews have high percentage of the ranking factor weightage.

Aspects such as credibility, relevancy and authority influence the capability of a webpage to rank higher. Using reviews is beneficial to businesses in getting credibility, relevancy and authority for the webpages.

2) Not Overlooking Referral Traffic

In addition to having benefits associated with off-page SEO for the website, building a profile on a third-party platform is effective in bringing a significant increment in referral traffic.

This is for the reason that at the time an individual searches for the reviews of a business, several third-party platforms can show up in the search results at higher positions.

Several third-party review platforms have trustworthiness and higher authority, allowing reviews belonging to a brand to show up in search results at higher positions.

Emphasizing referral traffic can facilitate SEO efforts through setting up a good passage of visitors along with organic traffic.

That might offer a competitive edge for the reason that referral traffic is sometimes neglected, although it is an available source of good leads and can also augment the organic search performance.

3) Showing Reviews on Website

Presenting customer reviews on prominent landing pages is simple to manage and succeed with review widgets.

Adding them to the website is helpful in increasing the chances of web pages getting shown up higher in organic search results. Customer reviews are basically prospect content references for websites. 

Through having them displayed on the website, content can be diversified through including appropriate text to webpages, the two can help in improving organic rankings of web pages.

Reviews are helpful in increasing the quantity of text on a webpage. That additional text is useful in making the webpage prominent among search engines.

Ultimately, the search engine wishes to display the highly dependable search results in aspirations of providing the optimum experience to the users.

4) Focus on Star Ratings

Star ratings can be earned on organic search listings that are effective in attracting customers.

Moreover, star ratings are effective in building trust amongst prospective customers. Site owners can show them through schema markup.

Aggregating product reviews are helpful in getting qualified for review snippets in organic search results.

The shining golden stars in the listings are helpful in drawing attention towards product webpages and also enhancing the click-through rate by a good percentage.

5) Utilizing Long Tail Search Queries

Checking the particular, long-tail keywords that the customers utilize at the time of searching for business, products or services is effective in knowing the audience of a niche.

Although, marketers can even utilize the queries utilized in reviews that are quite appropriate and includes the inputs of customers.

Long-tail keywords have generally low search traffic, however, they have a high conversion rate for the reason that they are quite precise.

Thinking about all possible description, usage scenario, or issue a product can fix could be tricky. Customers, on the other hand, write and share their experiences with products in product reviews.

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