6 Most Important Things to Know About the National Immigration Agency.

It is the National Immigration Agency’s responsibility to control immigration policies and border control.  The agency was established in 1999 to replace the Immigration Division of the Ministry of Justice, and its headquarters are located in Bangkok, Thailand with branches across the country.

What do they do?

The National Immigration Agency has five main areas that they oversee: Border Patrol Police Department, Visa Office(s), Immigrant Registration Division (IRD), Non-Immigrant Visa Office(s) (NIVO).

These departments work together to make sure each person entering or leaving Thailand is legally allowed to do so. The NIA also administers national policy on immigration matters by formulating new legislation as needed or amending existing laws.

They also manage law enforcement activities related to illegal immigrants, human trafficking, and illegal transportation of immigrants.

The majority of the work is done at their headquarters and branches located throughout Thailand, but they also have a few main areas where they are working from outside of Thailand. The first branch, NIA Japan, is in Tokyo, Japan with an additional branch planned for Osaka by 2018.

In 2013 the NIA opened a new office in Tachileik, Myanmar as well as an additional branch located in Mae Sai by 2014. In 2015, the agency opened a new branch located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia called NIA Malaysia.

In addition to regulating immigration laws, they also oversee immigration policies and procedures relating to visas issued for entry into Thailand. Overseen by the Visa Office within the NIA are visa policies, laws and regulations.

They also control where visa offices are located throughout Thailand, which is not limited to border areas or cities that have high levels of international visitors.

Alien registration is also handled by the NIA and this includes recording citizen data such as name, type of visa, address in Thailand and other personal information such as fingerprints and photo identification. Once alien registration has been completed, a registration card is given to the alien.

Different positions!

The National Immigration Agency consists of different positions such as the General Director, Deputy Directors, and Officers. The General Director is in charge of managing the day-to-day operations and management of the agency.

He has to deal with the development and implementation of immigration policies and border control. The Deputy Director is responsible for ensuring that all officers follow the laws, rules, and regulations of the country.

He also allocates budgets for different positions in different branches of the agency. Furthermore, he monitors and manages border control, foreigners living in Thailand as well as immigrants with visas.

The Officers are responsible for monitoring the movement of people both locally and internationally. They also oversee legal requirements including passport issuing or visa extension processes for those who need them to enter a foreign country.

To become a part of this agency, candidates have to go through a competitive selection process which is divided into four stages: Documentation screening Oral interview Psychological testing Medical examination This ensures that only those who are qualified become working members in this organization.

 In addition, anyone from experienced officers to new graduates in various disciplines can apply for a job in the NIA.

Important things to know National Immigration Agency.

1. The National Immigration Agency is a national-level organization that controls immigration policies and border control.

2. Established in 1999 to replace the Immigration Division of the Ministry of Justice, and its headquarters are located in Bangkok, Thailand with branches across the country.

3. The agency has power over all immigration affairs in Thailand, including deportation, granting of citizenship, temporary stay for foreigners, entry into Thailand, exit from Thailand to overseas, transfer between Immigration checkpoints or confinement centers.

protection against human smuggling or trafficking overseas, extradition requests from other countries under the extradition treaty signed by Thailand together with other international commitments.

4. They have different positions at their office including the Director-General who heads up the NIA which has 2 deputy directors, 7 section chiefs, 30 officials, and 80 other employees.

5. Some of the Director-General’s main responsibilities are to be in charge of immigration policy direction, overall coordination on immigration issues of both domestic and foreign affairs, then supervising enforcement administration of all immigration laws of Thailand.

6. The NIA is divided into three regions: the Bangkok region, which consists of 2 Immigration offices; the Northern region with 1 Immigration office; the Southern region with 5 Immigration Offices.

Each region has its own deputy director who is responsible for regional development plans and activities executed by sub-offices located under them.


The National Immigration Agency is an organization that seeks to protect the rights of immigrants. Through this blog post, we’ve introduced you to what NIA does and how one can become a part of its team.

We hope that you found it helpful! If there are any other questions or concerns about the agency, please contact us at your convenience. Thank you for reading!

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