Practice Mate software? 9 best Features to Lookout For

Are you thinking about investing in Practice Mate software for your practice? Here are some features to evaluate while watching its demo! 

Features to Look Out For in the Practice Mate Demo

You might wonder why there is a need to look into the features discussed in the EMR demo. This practice will make selecting an EHR a lot easier.

Besides watching the demos, comparing them in terms of the services covered is also helpful. You can sort out which is the most advantageous solution for you.

Through this Find EMR article, we will let you in on the services mentioned in the demo of Practice Mate software. 

Practice Mate Software

Practice Mate software is one of the most commonly used EMR solutions on the market. It is geared towards improving the clinical performance of practices.

The software can meet the needs of independent practices with its excellent tools and services.

Also, the system effortlessly integrates its EHR module with the practice management solution. 

This versatile software is ideal for handling clinical, financial, and administrative processes.  

Features Covered in the Practice Mate Demo

The demo is the best way to evaluate software in a real-world environment. Having a practical outlook is much better than reading about an EMR solution.

Practice Mate EMR’s tools are classified into five major categories. These categories are basically the solutions provided by the vendor.

All these modules are included in the short demonstration video of this EMR software. So, let’s see what these services hold for your clinical practice.  

EHR 24/7

Also, this solution streamlines the clinical workflow for ensuring smooth clinical processes.

It is a value-based intensive program that allows document processing and reports generation.

It fulfills the criteria of meaningful use 1 and 2 and efficiently offers MIPS. It is fully integrated with Office Ally’s Practice Mate™ systems. 

This ONC-ACB certified system boosts the quality of communication. And it establishes a strong bond between patients and doctors.

Furthermore, this EHR solution by Office Ally Practice Mate is the most highly rated solution in the EMR market.

Key features of this EHR service include e-prescription, e-labs, customizable templates, real-time results reporting, pay-for-performance, and customizable SOAP notes.

Intake Pro

Intake pro is a high-tech solution that automates the check-in process. Now patients don’t have to stand in ques to check in for appointments.

Instead, they can do so electronically with Practice Mate’s intake service. It is a flexible, versatile, and effective clinical service.

According to user reviews, this is the most plausible service of Office Ally Practice Mate. The software creates custom-based electronic forms personalized with the requirements of all practices.

It allows patients to get sync codes from the front desk and sign intake forms via a tablet. Here’s the catch, the second half of the process is also automated.

This reduces the workload of clinical staff by saving them from redundant tasks. The intake form is integrated with the EHR 24/7 and Practice Mate software modules.  

Practice Mate

This is a phenomenal service offered by this robust healthcare platform. Practice Mate is a free practice management module accustomed with all the essential features.

This secured solution offers scheduling, appointment reminders, claim processing, electronic super bills, and patient statement functionalities.

It is readily available on the web and is easily accessible via mobile phones. It also offers free customer support to all users.

Furthermore, this platform is easy to learn and navigate. It works by seamlessly organizing the clinical tasks. Above all, it entitles practitioners to avail its free claim submission service. 

Using it, they can send claims to over 5000 insurance companies. It also performs insurance eligibility checks to help reduce denials.

Patient Ally

Practice Mate Software’s Patient Ally is a free patient portal service. Patient Ally is a secured web portal that works by compiling all the patient records on a single interface.

This portal is designed to engage patients in their care treatment. It comes with a pack of tools to give patients access to their information. Not only that, patients can effortlessly manage their health records.  

It provides patients access to their intake forms, clinical summaries, treatment plans, medical history, and even lab results. They can even use it to schedule appointments.

The portal also works as a secure way to communicate with medical professionals. The best part is, patients can even pay their bills electronically.

In addition, providers can send appointment reminders on the portals. This saves time and drives potential health outcomes. 


The last service included in the Practice Mate demo is its clearinghouse service. Simply put, this free service automates the claims processing procedure.

Physicians don’t have to print claims to process them. Instead, they can simply upload the claims on the web, and the vendor will automatically process the claims in a reduced time.

The Practice Mate software scrubs all the error-induced claims to maximize clinical reimbursements.  

Care professionals can also edit the claims, right on the web. This online claim entry tool then offers an option to submit claims to over 5000 payers.

The implementation of this service is free of cost. There are no long-term contracts to sign.

Physicians can just log in to their portals, submit claims to the vendor, and they will receive an e-mail notification that the process is completed. An interesting fact here is, the software generates detailed summary reports.  

Our Two Bits about the Practice Mate Demo

Although we can’t say for sure that Practice Mate software is a perfect match for you. We advise you to schedule and analyze a with free Practice mate demo to get a practical insight by yourself.

Instead of just relying on our words, you should read and evaluate as many Office Ally Practice Mate reviews as you can. These two processes will help you see if the vendor meets your clinical expectations or not.

You might come to the conclusion that this free healthcare solution can handsomely pay off for your clinical settings.  

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