6 Things To Know Before Renting a Car in Dubai 2023

Do you want to rent a car in Dubai? Do you want to explore Dubai and its surroundings? This is the best idea to explore Dubai and its surroundings.

There are various and excellent transport options available to get around here but Renting a car in Dubai would be the best option. The road network here is very good and when you travel on the roads here you can capture the beautiful scenery on camera or mobile.

In this article, we will tell you in detail why you should take a car on rent to explore Dubai.

1 – Why Should You Rent a Car in Dubai?

There are many reasons to renting a car in Dubai, some of which are listed below.

  • Due to the good road structure and strict traffic rules, the traffic flow here is very good. In short, driving here is easier than in other countries.

  • If you choose public transport, you may not be able to explore all the places of Dubai properly. If you choose private transport like renting a car in dubai, you can travel wherever you want.

  • You can travel with privacy and freedom while keeping your valuables safe.

  • Dubai is said to be a huge car rental market where all types of cars are available for rent. If you rent a car from a good company like Kohistan Rent a Car, you can get luxury cars at cheap rates. And another major advantage is that one can avail of various discounts and promotional offers on a rent-a-car Dubai service.

2 – Basic Driving Rules in Dubai

Dubai’s driving laws are quite strict compared to other countries, which every driver must follow. If you don’t follow these rules, you will have to pay various fines along with black points on your license. Following are some basic rules.

  • All passengers must wear seat belts while traveling in private transport.

  • The driver must have a valid driving license. Must have a UAE Government valid License if a resident of Dubai and an International Driving Permit if visiting as a tourist from abroad.

  • The passenger sitting in the front seat should be at least 10 years old or 145 cm tall.

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is not allowed and will result in heavy fines if caught.

  • Eating or using a mobile phone while driving is not allowed as it affects your response rate more while driving.

3 – How to rent a cheap car in Dubai?

There are many ways to rent a cheap car in Dubai, some of which are listed below.

  • First of all, you should open the websites of many companies and compare their prices. Rent from those who are providing cheap service.

  • Another way is that you can book a car by visiting Kohistan Rent a Car Company website. They should provide you with all kinds of rental services whether you want to rent a car on a deal basis or on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Many rental companies provide various discounts and promotional offers on long-term rental services which can be explored to get a cheap car rental.

4 – Fuel Policy Renting a Car in Dubai

Understand the company’s fuel policy and other policies while renting a car to avoid hassles later. Every company has a different fuel policy, we will prefer you to follow the full tank policy.

In this, the company will provide you with a full tank and you have to return the same. The full tank fuel policy is the best option for rent a car Dubai monthly service.

5 – How to Choose Your Rental Car in Dubai?

Before Renting a car in Dubai, first, understand your needs and requirements. If you want to travel alone, rent an economy car and if you want to travel with family, rent a compact car.

If you are traveling with children, make sure to keep the child seat in the car to protect them. 4wd would be a better choice if you want to travel to the desert.

6 – What to do Before Receiving your Rental Car?

Here are some important instructions which you need to know before receiving your rental car.

  • Before taking the vehicle on rent, inspect it thoroughly and mention it in the agreement if there is any damage or dent, etc. If the vehicle is not damaged from the outside, do a thorough inspection from the inside.

  • Check all necessary documents of the vehicle thoroughly and if a driver is hired for the vehicle, check the license and previous driving record.

  • Check that the air conditioner of the vehicle is working properly, if there is any fault in it, ask the company to repair it.

  • Be sure to get an emergency contact number from the company.

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