Things To Do When Riding A Motorbike With A Pillion Passenger.

Riding a motorcycle for the first time brings in a lot of nervousness, excitement, and confusion whether you maneuver the bike or ride a pillion.

But riding with someone can enhance your riding experience and leave you with pleasant memories.

However, pillion passengers might have several questions about the ride and the intricacies involved. You need to assure them and make them feel comfortable.

At the same time, you must stay alert and aware of what to do when riding with a passenger.

How To Riding A Motorbike With a Pillion Passenger.

In this post, we discuss some tips and tricks for a pleasant ride with someone behind you.


Firstly, both the rider and the pillion need to feel relaxed. Nervousness and fright can not only spoil your experience but also put you at risk because tension can affect your control over the bike.

So ask them to take a deep breath and be comfortable. Brief them on how to position themselves during the ride and explain how acceleration and deceleration work.

Once they understand the concept of tipping forward, backward, and leaning during steeps, they can start anticipating speed changes.

To make them feel more confident, you can set a safety signal. Ask them to tap your back or leg to communicate when they do not feel fine.

Give Them the Gear Riding A Motorbike.

Many people think that pillion riders do not require much gear. That’s not true. The pillion must always wear a helmet.

Along with this, it is better to get them a protective jacket and pants, supportive boots, riding gloves, and an adequately strapped full-face helmet.

But hold on! You need not buy new ones, rather search for your gear that can fit them well and you are done.

Connect Through Bluetooth.

You can also install a Bluetooth device into your helmets. It lets you connect with your pillion and reassure them if needed. Additionally, they can communicate with you without having to scream into your ears.

Prepare Your Bike.

Most modern bikes come equipped with gadgets and settings for double riding, and you can adjust them with a button.

If needed, you can stiffen up the rear suspension to bear the extra weight of your pillion and any luggage. Ensure the tires are in good condition and their pressure is optimal.

Some bikes have small or uncomfortable seats at the back. If that is the case with your motorbike, make sure you invest in comfort, such as an air cushion.

Teach Them How to Mount and Dismount.

Remember to teach the pillion how to mount and unmount. Then ask your pillion to put their hand on your shoulder, place their foot on the pillion peg, swing their leg across the seat, and get seated. The same procedure needs to be followed to get off the bike but in reverse.

Holding On.

First-time pillion riders are confused about what to do with their hands. So, most of the time, they grab the rider.

Doing so is fine if it does not cause discomfort to either of you. However, rails are provided on most bikes for the pillion rider to hold onto.

You can also ask your pillion to lean onto the top box so that they feel confident about not falling off the bike.

Maintain Posture.

It’s essential that your pillion learns how to hold the posture during a ride. Otherwise, they keep sliding ahead or their helmet bangs into yours.

Until they know how to sit comfortably still, you can avert the bang and slide by avoiding sharp deceleration, sudden braking, and aggressive throttle.

Go Smooth.

A professional rider knows how to make a ride pleasant. You must move smoothly and safely to ensure your pillion is not scared. With the extra weight, you must also be careful with the throttle.

Too much or too less throttle can startle your pillion. Take into account that you have someone at the back while shifting gears. Ease the throttle while you shift.

As mentioned earlier, do not break suddenly. Doing so can make the pillion slide, pushing you toward the fuel tank and causing you to lose your balance.

Use the rear brake to maintain equilibrium. While riding bikes such as the BMW GS 310, use the flexibility, power, position, and weight the bike offers.

Make the Pillion Participate.

Once your pillion gets comfortable in their seats and understands the speed changes, they can start participating.

When you tip during a bend in the road, ask your passenger to lean slightly towards the bend along with you. When coming out of the bend, they can revert to the central position along with you.

Doing so involves not only the pillion but also improves the smoothness of your ride.

Frequently Ask Your Pillion.

While riding a sportbike such as R 1250 GS, as a rider it’s your duty to regularly check in with the pillion, particularly in the first ten minutes of riding.

In addition to ensuring they are comfortable with turning, stopping, and acceleration, you must ensure they have closed the visor, aren’t suffocating, or haven’t slipped off the passenger mount.


If you remember the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can make the ride a memorable experience for your pillion. They might take inspiration and want to get a bike for themselves.

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