what is a Coworking Space? 7 Common Mistakes Members Make When Choosing a Coworking Space


Coworking spaces are the concept of sharing office space with others. The user must pay for their space and the duration, which could be as little as the office desk for up to 8 hours. Coworking spaces also offer renting conference rooms or any other space when needed.

A coworking space is characterized by an atmosphere distinct from typical workplaces. It is essentially a coworking space that can be described as used by various people with various jobs and businesses.

Young entrepreneurs, freelance entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs were previously a significant component of the coworking market. However, large companies are increasingly drawn to the increasing trend toward shared space.

While having shared spaces can help boost your business’s performance, selecting the wrong coworking space could cause harm to your company.

The need for coworking space in Gurgaon is growing as more and more areas are popping up, with a variety of new real estate firms dealing in this.

7 Common Mistakes Members Make When Choosing a Coworking Space


The choice of the right place is crucial for any company. The suitable location for business A may be the worst place for business B.

The location of the workspace is probably the central aspect to consider. Coworking spaces are not booked as spaces for employees located in remote areas.

There are many reasons why the location of your office is crucial as it makes it easier for prospective workers and impresses clients. The site is best accessed via public transportation, parking, and walking distance to the facilities.

These small, additional benefits can help create a suitable environment. Different parameters make it easier for people of diverse backgrounds to locate an area, so make sure you identify what makes it simpler for you. This is something you’d be happy to have taken into consideration.

A freelancer looking to move around might find a suitable location close to his home. It is a wise option to find the nearest site so that you do not end up having to spend 25% of your earnings on train and bus tickets. Before making a decision, you should consider several elements.


In this digital age, power backups and internet connectivity are vital. Having a house in the top location but not being without power backup or internet connectivity is of little benefit to most enterprises.

This issue is more noticeable in the cities of tier 2 or 3, in which electricity isn’t accessible 24 hours a day.

Some locations don’t have internet connectivity or speed for a job because video calls will never be feasible. For all of these applications, the need for high-speed internet that is available 24X7 isn’t just something you can afford but rather a necessary need.

3 – SECURITY For Coworking Space

Professionals from all walks of life utilize the coworking space. A different professional may even use your desk in another period, so it is essential to ensure adequate security arrangements, including high-definition CCTV cameras.

In addition, because the coworking space is where many professionals visit the coworking space, it is essential for security to be in business with guards on-site and biometric-based access to ensure that nobody can enter the workspace.

4 – Price Shouldn’t Be The Only Factor-

work space

The most affordable coworking space is the best, would you say? Wrong! Comparing only the cost of two offices won’t help since there are many other factors entrepreneurs must be aware of before deciding on the most suitable office space.

This comprises the building’s location and quality, furnishings, play, and the company’s service reliability.

Based on the factors mentioned above, prices may differ for two different coworking facilities with the same name or even two other desks or offices in the same place.

Each of these elements directly impacts productivity and the experience in the office and affects the success or demise of a business. Thus, it’s vital to consider these aspects when making an important decision.


Each coworking space has various lease options. If you lease space out for a more extended period, it is much less expensive than leasing for a shorter period.

Some coworking spaces offer rent only for the area, while any other facility such as the internet or stationary drinks will be charged additionally. These small expenses could eat away at your budget and cause it to increase in the long run.

Be sure to check the terms of renting additional space at some point shortly. The business may require a conference room, and If the conference space is at a high cost, it’s a significant disadvantage of the coworking space.

6 – Check Out The Availability OF All Equipment And Facilities-

There shouldn’t be a lack of equipment, such as shredders, printers, scanners, and other equipment in the coworking space. Before using any piece of equipment, ensure that the equipment functions according to your expectations.

While this may seem insignificant, it doesn’t. Appear at first; your performance can be affected by the standard of seating in a workplace.

Sitting down on a desk chair will make you more productive than sitting on plastic or wooden chairs. If you are considering a suitable coworking space, you should look.


Facilities such as reception and the common area or waiting area might seem not to be that important. Still, they are often recognized for their significance when their customers complain, but it’s too late, and the only alternative left is to move the office or compromise on it.

The reception area is also helpful in ensuring that essential letters and documents arrive via couriers or by post.

In the COVID timeframe, the reception area may be utilized as a place where sanitation and other security measures may be implemented.


A variety of coworking spaces are designed to accommodate various unique business requirements. So, when you are thinking about the best way to select a coworking facility, be sure to consider what kind of environment is suitable for your business.

The many companies you collaborate with must be regarded since competitors should not be within close to each other.

Coworking spaces in Delhi are increasing in popularity. Following the closing, due to COVID-19, there was a surge in demand for coworking spaces.

However, to meet the demand, more coworking spaces are accessible. However, each coworking space isn’t identical and, therefore, not ideal for every business.

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