How and Why, You Should Apostille Marriage Certificates

Apostille Marriage certificates are one of the very personal documents. Along with birth certificates, these documents are kept for a lifetime safely as they are proof of something very personal and essential.

So why should this document be apostilled? What is the necessity of the apostille of Marriage certificate and what are the benefits of the apostille of this personal document?

Also, how to deal with the affair of marriage certificate apostille, and how can one avail the marriage certificate apostille services?

Read forward to find out the answers to all these questions regarding marriage certificate apostille and much more.

What is a Marriage Certificate?

This is the first and foremost question that pops into one’s brain. In case your marriage was registered, well you have the certificate of your marriage.

However, if you do not have the certificate, you are most likely perplexed. It is the document that officially declares that two people are married and are now a family.

This document along with being proof of one’s marriage also acts as a statement that is issued by the government. Hence, announcing two people married in the eyes of the law as well as the society.

The marriage certificate is required while filing suit for divorce, claiming conjugal rights, claiming maintenance, and essentially just proving that you are married to somebody.

What Is the Apostille of a Marriage Certificate?

Apostille of marriage certificate means that this document has been verified and attested by all the necessary legal authorities and has the stamp of attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Apostille is a stamp awarded by the Ministry of External Affairs as proof that the concerned document is the particular order as directed by the government and is legal.

A stamp on the back of the marriage certificate shows that the document has been apostilled and is thus acceptable in countries that are a member of the Hague Convention.

Who is Apostilles the Marriage Certificate?

In India, there is only one authority that apostles the marriage certificate. The Ministry of Affairs, or MEA, is the name given to it.

MEA is a central authority that overlooks the foreign relations of India and only this organization has the authority to apostille any document.

There are several marriage certificates apostille services in India that claim to do the job. However, before going with any of these services, make sure that the services they provide are genuine and legal.

Why Should You Apostille Your Marriage Certificate?

There are several reasons why an apostille of a marriage certificate is required. The very important reason is that the government has made this process essential to obtain a visa. Here are a few reasons why marriage certificate apostille is necessary:

1. Visa

To obtain a visa for a spouse, to bring one’s spouse to another country and to simply live together with someone of the opposite gender, you need to apostille your marriage certificate.

2. Citizenship

Many people want to bring their spouse to the country they are living in and have become a citizen of, many people marry a citizen of another country and want to live in the country of their partner. For all these purposes, an apostille of a marriage certificate is required.

3. Divorce

To get a divorce in another country, one must first show proof that they were married. In case the marriage certificate is not apostilled, it may not be considered valid.

4. To Obtain Property Rights

In case one’s spouse bought a property in another country and unfortunately, they turn dead, or are not willing to hand over part of the property during divorce, proof of the marriage must be apostilled.

5. For the Passport of Children

To apply for the passport of children, the marriage certificate of the parents must be apostilled as solid and legal proof of their marriage.

Since the marriage certificate apostille services in India are officially performed by the MEA, it is necessary to get the certificate attested by the MEA for it to be considered apostilled.

Documents Required for The Apostille of a Marriage Certificate

Following are the documents essential for the apostille process:

  • The original copy of the marriage certificate
  • Proof of identity such as driver’s license, pan card, etc.
  • Passport size photos
  • Copy of visa
  • Copy of passport application.

How To Apostille Marriage Certificates In India?

Apostille is the final attestation of any document which announces it is legal and safe in the eyes of the world.

The process of apostille must also be complicated. This process is multi-dimensional and requires patience and time to complete. Here is a guide on how to apostille marriage certificates in India.

  1. The first step is to get the document certified from the notary in your district or locality, basically from the place where your marriage was registered and the document was issued.
  2. The next step is to get the certificate verified by the Sub-divisional magistrate or the Home Department verification.
  3. The last and final step is to get the document attested from the MEA. The MEA will verify the document, check its order and legality and award it with the stamp of apostille which will make the document acceptable in the countries which are a member of the Hague Convention.

In case these processes are difficult for you, it is recommended to avail the help of any marriage certificate apostille services. They will go through the whole process in your place and you can get your marriage certificate apostille easily.

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