How To Start an Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

As EVs become more mainstream on the streets, you may be interested in starting a business with an Electric vehicle charging station on your premises.

From commercial property developers to apartment and condo landlords to entrepreneurs, many sectors see value in public EV charging infrastructure.

But it’s important to remember that you have choices when building your business model for profitability and sustainability.

Equipping your business with EV charging stations has many benefits, from increased profitability to covering energy costs.

When we look at it, there are three main ways of looking at it. “By 2030, more people will buy electric cars than gas cars,” the Boston Consulting Group reported earlier this year.

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, one of the many benefits of having EV chargers installed in your business is attracting people to your facility.

In 2019, worldwide, he sold 2.1 million electric vehicles, an increase of 40% year-on-year. With the electric vehicle market he forecast to grow to $2.3 trillion by 2041, now is the time to invest in electric vehicle charging stations.

Whether you own or manage a mall, hotel, apartment complex, or commercial complex, you can attract positive attention and an increasing number of EV drivers to your facility. 

Choosing The Right EV charging Station.

EV charging station

Not all charging solutions are created equal. It is important to understand the key features before purchasing.

Whether you choose an AC station or a DC (fast charging) station, they reflect your brand, so it’s a good idea to choose one that’s reliable, accessible, and smart. The most important charger requirements are:

  • Reliability – Stations must have a reasonable lifespan and be flexible to meet market needs.

  • Safety – Charging equipment must meet international quality and safety requirements. Chargers must be able to withstand all weather conditions. You should be able to safely continue loading after being hit. 

  • Software – Stations must be intelligent, online, and remote Maintenance, management, and control options.

The biggest reason why ICE drivers are hesitant to switch to electric vehicles is ‘concern about cruising range’.

Drivers worry that they won’t be able to find charging stations when they need to charge. Or that the charger you found doesn’t work for your electric car, or doesn’t work at all.

Reliability is therefore important. As an EV charging company, it’s important to buy chargers known to work with all types of EVs. You can find these chargers in our shop section of his website.

Electric Vehicle Charging layout and capacity.

As more and more people switch to electric vehicles, places that offer sufficiently reliable charging options will become places drivers go to every day.

In the same way that ICE car drivers often plan their commutes by stopping at petrol stations (when they need to refuel), EV drivers need to share routes and locations with accessible charging stations with their communities.

“If you’re early enough in your market to provide enough charging stations for people in your area, you’ll find people start changing their daily lives just to visit an EV charging station,” says Travis Walker of North America Business. said. development manager. 

In practice, the placement of electric vehicle charging stations on the premises depends on two factors:

power and visibility.

A charging station must be connected. Longer distances between charging stations and their power sources increase costs. So the closer you can get your charging station to the power source, the better the results.

EV parking should be highly visible so that drivers can easily see it when they park their cars. EV drivers need to know as soon as they arrive that they can charge while parking, shopping, dining, or visiting stores.

EV charging stations show your customers and guests that you have a sustainable and forward-thinking mindset. You can also ask ICE drivers to consider electric vehicles as their next vehicle.

Loading software solution.

charging ecosystem. Charging management software gives you full control over customizable station settings including pricing, power output, and station access.

There are many good charging management software providers out there, but they all offer their own. Some providers have more features and others have lower prices.

Choosing the right fee management software is all about finding the interface between what you need and what you’re willing to invest in. GO TO-U software gives you the freedom to choose the right software package to access your EV charger anytime, anywhere.

A future-proof charging service should include both customer support and helping EV drivers find and use charging stations.

The GO TO-U mobile app allows EV drivers to easily find stations, book the best time, start and stop charging, make payments, and enjoy reward programs.

Design and marketing.

The visibility and awareness of the charging station at your location are as important as its performance and other technical characteristics.

The cargo area is well designed, properly marked, and accessible 24/7, and video Being under surveillance is very important.

Charging stations are no longer just ‘sockets’. It is a powerful tool that plays an important role in a company’s marketing strategy. Thanks to properly configured operation and management of charging stations, you can set up your own charging network and create a steady flow of customers to your location

Based on the needs and capabilities of companies investing in charging infrastructure, GO TO-U will assist in charger selection, installation and configuration, parking lot and station design, video surveillance installation, customer support, and setting up marketing campaigns.

provide a comprehensive solution for The GO TO-U platform offers various solutions and benefits for both the electric vehicle driver and his EV charging company in all areas of activity, especially regarding fast chargers.

If Charging management software is key to maximizing the benefits and performance of your charging station.

The software running at the charging station needs to have a unified view of the entire EV  you are looking for a truly comprehensive, reliable, and market-proven approach to investing in charging stations. 

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