Why Leave Management Software Is Better Than Excel?

It’s crucial to understand how to choose leave management software as every company needs to streamline the process of leave management. Why? Because calculating each employee’s annual leave, tracking leaves, and sickness management are quite complex when a company has other things to do.

Leave management is a process used to manage any leave requests and track absences. Good leave management can calculate compensation for absent staff and record this information within the company’s HR records.

Employees request leave from work and the HR manager grant or deny leave based on human resource policies in an organization. And this is not the only thing in the leave system. The employee must ensure compliance with leave policies, and the supply of sufficient staff at all times to get satisfaction.

Many companies use Excel sheets as leave trackers. However, with the new technologies, automation software helps us to evolve to more effective models. Good software can help you to get maximum performance. These kinds of software are designed to optimize operations, speed up and simplify human resources management tasks.

Why Leave Management System Is Required?

For many reasons a leave management system is required for every organization, including:

1. Keeping Records Of Leaves

It’s critical to stay track of the leaves used and balance one. It can help the HR manager to keep the history of leaves taken by the employee. Employees can use this record to keep records of their leave balances and obligations.

2. Legal Requirements

A record of leaves data is required to satisfy the states’ regulatory legal requirements.  You must keep track of the paid holidays taken.

3. Business Management

Leave management in HRMS is crucial so that business operations are not hindered by the absence of employees. It can help HR to manage the business on the premises.

4. Report & Analytics

Leave management gives a comprehensive picture of leave pattern that affects operating efficiency. Because of that, you’ll make useful conclusions.

Benefits Of Using A Specific Software Over Excel.

Prior to the introduction of software, Excel spreadsheets were still the foremost popular method for leave management. Now software is more useful as Excel has some limitations:

  • There’s a risk of error to add, edit and retrieve data. It’s easy to type in the wrong number anytime.

  • Traditional Excel spreadsheets don’t allow accessing data from anywhere. It is limited because the document is stored on a computer, and not within the cloud.
  • Everyone should have the knowledge to operate Excel to handle the data or create a spreadsheet.

  • Excel is a manual tool. There is no automation in this; you have to add all things manually.

There is some leave management software that is designed specifically for some functions.

Advantages Of Using Leave Management Software

1. Saving Time

Leave management is tedious as it is time-consuming to count working days, leave taken, leaves to be used in the future, etc. Using technology to manage your company’s workforce enables you to optimize resources and achieve better results.

Specific management software requires plenty less effort. In this case, employees can add their data and request their leaves through the system, and therefore the HR manager can either approve or decline them in just one click.

This can help to reduce to do emails, add requests and manual data entry, etc.  HR manager is responsible for managing annual leave. Employees usually write an email to the HR manager requesting their leave, who then checks their Excel leave planner. This whole process takes up plenty of time. The software can help to eliminate all these things.

2. Automation Of Tasks

Task automation is the main advantage to use Automated SaaS leave management software. It can help to configure all the tasks with automation. Because of Task automation HR can get the benefit of a much smoother working process.

Any leave taken is going to be automatically deducted so that you can see how many they have left at any given time. This kind of process is not done in excel sheets, and it can become more complicated over there. In excel sheets, Mistakes can happen too easily and can be detrimental to the employee in question.

3. Security Of Data

The data stored in Excel is not secure at all. Though most of the software is using the cloud to store data and that is protected by specific encryption.  That’s why software can help you secure data.

Moreover, cloud software is typically up to date with data protection, so you won’t need to worry about adding other security systems. So, if there’s a change in current legislation, these tools are automatically updated to make sure that your data is legally protected.

4. Teamwork & Accessibility

When everything is on the cloud, any higher authority or employee can access the data when needed. Also, leave management tools are stored within the cloud and make teamwork much easier. Every member of the human resources team can access the data and consult all the data it holds. The difference between this and Excel is that the latter can’t be shared.

Another advantage of working within this software is, that any HR team member can access data from any location, with any device.

5. Valuable Information

This kind of software usually offers valuable information for your business such as leave ration, instance, payroll costs, etc.

As per the software, HR can find reports and analytics and it is valuable information for any employee to measure his or her performance. Obtaining key information with just some clicks is a beneficial feature of leave management software.

If you’re using Excel you’ll have to develop your own reports and extract information about that as well.

Final Thought,

There are several such issues that may be eliminated by the software of leave management in HRMs like UBS. Automated cloud-based software which also offers system integration for enhanced efficiency is beneficial for your business.

Good software can facilitate your needs with the utmost solution, also you’ll digitalize leave management requests and save time and money. Plus, as we checked benefits data is safe and secure and it is easily available on the cloud as well.

So, consider the company that offers a fast solution and a much better understanding of the systems forever. Go and book a demo of UBS.

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