Best Scuba Diving in Goa with Pool Training from Expert

Goa Water Sports

While you’re exploring the picturesque country of Goa, take a look at everything that’s in store for you and learn more about the thrilling activities and captivating watersports in Goa for a fun-filled vacation.

On your next trip to Goa, you can go kayaking, windsurfing, jet skiing, best scuba diving in Goa, snorkeling, parasailing, and speed boating, to name a few activities.

However, the primary topic of this article will be scuba diving. So put on your fins!

In order to breathe underwater, a diver participating in scuba diving uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. To enhance their enjoyment, the divers are outfitted with the necessary equipment and are equipped with oxygen cylinders.

Best Locations In Goa To Try Scuba Diving

Goa is known for its beaches, nightclubs, and parties! If that is all you have ever heard, rest assured that there is much more to it than that. If you have an adventurous spirit, one of your bucket list items should be finding Goa’s underwater treasure.

Make sure your friends and you experience some enjoyable scuba diving on your upcoming trip to Goa. While diving conditions are not the best in the city, there are still some that will make your trip special. Ten of them are listed below to help you focus your search. Look them up!

1. Grande Island

Speaking of Grande Island, it is fantastic for water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, diving, and fishing. It is also referred to as Bat famous Island. This island is located a few kilometers from Vasco da Gama in South Goa, where dolphin sightings are frequent. The clear visibility of the waters makes for a peaceful swim and close-up views of the marine life. 

2. Sailing Rock

Sailing Rock Famous Travel place. Within one kilometer of the Grande island is Sail Rock, a rock pinnacle that protrudes out of the water. Die into the fascinating underwater world from the top of the rock; it’s practically a fairytale experience.

Fish like Bannerfish, Blue Ringed Angelfish, Moorish Idols, and Yellowtail Snappers, as well as larger species like Giant Barracuda, Tuna, Sharks, Eagle Rays, and Red Snapper, call the walls home.

Only experienced scuba divers should practice there despite its wide depth range of 8 to 24 meters because of the strong undercurrents in the deep.

3. Bounty Bay

Bounty Bay, another of Goa’s top dive sites, is a favorite among novice divers. Here, you can find a number of small fish, lobsters, crabs, and corals. There are many fascinating sea creatures, including crabs, cuttlefish, triggerfish, lobsters, and nurse sharks, even though the bottom is only made up of sand, gravel, and rocks. Make Bounty Bay your lover for the best in marine life.

4. Beach Baga

If you’ve been to Goa before or if you have a friend who won’t stop talking about his most recent trip, you already know that Baga Beach is the party city’s busiest beach. This is the place to be if you want to see a wide variety of marine life, beautiful coral formations, and even dolphins while scuba diving. 

Tips for Scuba Diving

  • Here are a few things you should bear in mind even with the proper training.
  • Make sure you have the certification you need and aren’t just diving into the excitement without the right training because some dive operators require it.
  • Always pay attention to your teacher. They probably know better, despite the fact that you have prior experience.
  • Check your scuba diving equipment once more. Keep in mind that it’s alright to request assistance if you need it.
  • A quick but crucial tip: make sure you have life insurance.
  • Try not to hold your breath and to breathe normally.
  • The amount of air in your tank determines how long you can stay below the surface, so you must be aware of when it is halfway and quarter full in order to schedule your ascent to the surface. Keep that in mind.

Guide to Scuba Diving Accessories

decided on a location and done thorough research on scuba diving? You’re almost ready, so let’s get to work and learn about the scuba diving equipment you’ll need for a successful experience. You won’t need to worry because we have compiled a list of the top accessories available, so it won’t be too difficult or intimidating.

Scuba Mask

A diving mask is a necessity because human eyes don’t function well underwater. One option is to rent a diving mask, but do you really want to use one that hundreds of other people have already used?

With its extremely flexible skirt and finger supports to aid in learning the proper techniques, this diving mask is ideal for those who are just learning to scuba dive. The lenses are resistant to scratches.

Wet Suit or Dry Suit?

Again, a suit is a given and a necessity because it will keep you warm and protect your skin. When the water is especially cold, choose one that is thicker. 


Fins, another crucial component of your diving equipment, allow you to move more freely underwater. While exercising, practice getting the hang of your speed and agility. The Scuba Diving Fins SCD 500 is designed to provide an extremely cozy, adaptable, and exciting experience.

Dive Tank

When you go diving, you’ll also require a scuba tank, also known as a diving cylinder. It is a part of the equipment you use to breathe.


While it is recommended for beginning divers to use a snorkel, more experienced divers typically don’t.


By reducing the high-pressure air to ambient pressure, this scuba diving accessory allows you to breathe the air from your tank. With the aid of orthodontists, the Balanced piston regulator pack with SCD 500 DIN 300 octopus pressure gauge was created with an ideal anatomical mouthpiece, and the ergonomic whiskers Air bubbles are directed out by the cheeks.

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