My Experience On Devkund Waterfall Trek

Devkund waterfall is popularly known as “the bathing ponds of the gods” and “virgin waterfall”. This lake is surrounded by an amazing dense forest. Many adventure seekers love this place for its breathtaking view. This beautiful waterfall is situated 170 km away from Mumbai.

You will feel that the water is falling from the top of 80 feet. The rocky surface below of the waterfall forms a very big lake or pond. There are three waterfalls that originate from the river kundalika, basically, these three waterfalls meet here.

This waterfall is located near Bhir village. Deep into this crystal clear water will give you a fresh vibe. From Mumbai, you can easily reach devkund by using the Mumbai Bangalore highway. From the base village, the Devkund waterfall trek takes just 2 hours.

It will be better to start your trek in the early morning. I recommend that you wear good trekking shoes and carry your own food and drinks. It is highly recommended that you don’t carry non-veg food here as this place is considered a Holy area by the local people. Before entering Devkund you need to remove your shoes. You can ask the local people to cook non-veg food or veg food.

So when you back from the trek you can relax at that place. Here you will experience the beautiful Kundalika river bed before entering the dense forest. From this river, the Devkund waterfall originated. Here you can spot many small streams and the water of the streams is crystal clear and chilled.

Best Time:

In the monsoon season the force of the waterfall became very strong and this time the area is completely flooded with heavy water. So in the monsoon season, the devkund waterfall became close. You can visit here in the time of the post-monsoon season.

After 2 hours long walk the icy chilled water will blow your mind. Here you can find a tent where female trekkers can change. The amazing fact is here you can get a free feet manicure by the fish. The surrounding environment is so beautiful. If you love photography and videography then you will definitely love this place.

How To Reach:

Bhira is the base village of the trek. From the Pali Village, which is popular for the Baleshwar Ganpati Temple, it is 26 km. If you want to reach Pali, then there are two options.

The first option is to go to Vakan. From here you can take Autos to the Pali Village. An auto will take you to Pali village in around 25 to 30 minutes. After reaching Pali you can take a state transport bus to Bhira. Another option is you need to take a direct State transport bus from Panvel depot to Pali Village.

The nearest airport is situated at Pune which is 110 km. Another Airport is situated at Mumbai which is 170 km. There are two Railways one is Lonavala railway station which is 83 km from here another one is Mangaon railway station which is 30 km from here.

Things To Do Near Devkund Waterfall:

Trek From Bhira Village To Devkund:

You can plan a trip from the village Bhira to Devkund. The devkund waterfall journey is an easy trek. The total altitude is 2000 feet. Before entering the trail, 182 registered themselves in the village. If you like to have a guide, you can hire a guide from here.

While doing this trek, you will experience many small, crystal clear streams and beautiful open green fields. It will take half an hour to reach the Bhira reservoir. After crossing these portions, you will find an open rocky field where you can take some rest.

Here you can also find some shops that sell juices, water, and food. After walking another kilometer you will find the waterfall. The experience will be truly beautiful.

Visit Ghangad Fort:

Here you can visit Ghangad fort. This is a very popular tourist attraction near De kind waterfall. This Fort is located 9 km away from this amazing waterfall.

The base of the trek is Ekole. This is also an easy trek through a dense forest. This is a 300-year-old Fort. Here you will find two entrances. Here you will also find many open green fields, valleys, lakes etc. 

Camp Near Bhira Reservoir Dam:

This is also a famous tourist attraction. Bhira reservoir dam is a man-made Lake. This dam is popularly known as the Tata Power Dam. Beside the lake, you can make your camp and in the evening you can enjoy your dinner with a bonfire.

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