Transparency of Services: Social Media And The Internet Usage

Social media and the internet offer one of the best ways to ensure transparency in government service delivery.

Currently, the US government has implemented several programs to promote public participation through social media and the Internet.

Going forward, the government needs to ensure that all citizens have access to the internet at high speed or affordable prices from Tele Internet Deals. The media has many challenges.

So, it can be an inefficient way of providing government information to 21st Century citizens.

In a world where brands and businesses strive to stand out and be different. We cannot help but notice that many are falling into the same trap when it comes to social media.

It starts with taking a good photo, editing it until it is flawless, and filtering it to make it right. And then sharing it with the public with fun, well-thought-out captions.

Why is social media Important?

Social media is important because it allows you to reach, and enlarge. And interact with your target audience wherever they are.

While a business can use a social media platform to connect with its audience. It can use social media to generate product awareness, earnings, sales, and revenue.

  • Get more qualified leads
  • Build a community
  • Grow your brand’s reputation
  • Use advanced targeting options easily

V Being Transparent:

Openness is about being open and honest about managing your business. What you do and what you post will be reflected directly in your business.

Being transparent does not mean sharing all your business details with your audience but involves the following:

  • Owning up to your mistake
  •  Responding publicly to customer complaints, concerns
  •  Be honest about who you are

V Being Authentic:

Being true to your communication skills does not mean that you have to say every single thing that comes to your mind. Being honest on social media means being yourself, but with filters.

The truth is that there are some things we do that are not appropriate to post online. And understanding the fine line between being “real” and “very real” is a very important part of being true on social media.

  •   Showing some personality
  •   Getting to know your followers
  •   Apologizing when you make a mistake

Challenges Corresponding with Social Media and The Internet

social media and the Internet

One of the major challenges of using social media and the Internet to ensure transparency in service delivery is the redefining of government boundaries.

With a seamless partnership between government and society. It is not clear where the affected communities should stand for the government to take over.

In other words, there has been confusion when explaining the functions of the various organs of state after public participation.

Another problem is the inclusion of public participation in governance. While the government may receive a public response by participating in social media.

Current laws do not include the inclusion of such information in laws and regulations.

Finally, the use of social media and the Internet and Technology Makes our Life Easy to be more transparent in in-service delivery puts it at risk of fragmentation.

In this case, when the public has the freedom to choose what they will do. Some people will be more discriminating with the help they render toward other people.

Such people may come up with conspiracy theories, which tend to expose things, thus making the process ineffective.

Alternatives Of Social Media

The problem with issues related to transparency in government service delivery is the issue of communication. The government should liaise with the public as a way to ensure transparency.

Therefore, the main problem here is the way the government chooses to fulfill its communication obligations. In this case, one of the most effective methods is the use of print media.

For a long time, print media was the most popular form of communication. Print media includes the use of circulars, reports, magazines, and newspapers among others.

Otherwise, the distribution of print media will face editorial challenges and thus targeted consumers may not be able to access the news on time.

The Aims of Transparency Reporting

  • These categories of reporting occur at levels:
  • The user
  • The Platform
  • Policy Development
  • Content Moderation
  • Internal research
  • External requests
  • Interventions
  • Data access
  • Third-party relationship

Terms OF Services

Companies often rely on their terms of service to obtain approval for how they use the data generated by the people involved in their digital forums.

These agreements are usually written in an official language. Which many users do not read before agreeing to them.

Terms of service differ from domain policies, with previous documents explaining what the user agrees with. Including how his or her data may be used by the service provider.

Terms of service differ from domain policies, with previous documents explaining what the user agrees with. Including how his or her data may be used by the service provider. While notifying you of the domain’s usage and governance regulations. 

Reporting terms of service can help better inform users about what this cover is, how it changes over time, and what causes those changes. But also, whether account holders can withdraw or not.

How long does it take for most people to agree with the languages ​​they use? terms are provided.

COR: A Tool TO Achieve Transparency

COR is a software tool that provides multiple effects of automation between products and agencies and any professional service business.

Growth firms require high levels of creativity, innovation, and the use of ideas to succeed. COR as an automated tool allows for transparency in project implementation.

COR supports transparency as the core value of many businesses in increasing sales of products or services.

COR software eliminates the feature of unemployed customers, delivery delays, and poor team management skills.

Customer participation through the forum increases the reliability, visibility, and traceability of the products or services provided.

The tool also helps to improve the product. And agency or professional service business relationships, which contribute to productivity growth.


It cannot be denied that there is a gap between the clarity of policies and their technological suitability. In this regard, policies are ignored through the increasing use and functioning of social media platforms.

As a result, well-intentioned policymakers fall asleep in the process that can improve the way agencies communicate and increase accountability.

Therefore, it is necessary to include a platform for communication and effective use of the Internet to engage the public.

This should be done by first removing the notion that social media is an informal forum. Policymakers must then state law-abiding actions that allow the use of social media for these purposes.

This means that agencies can be questioned based on the information you provide to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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